Why You Should Not Hire a Freelance Website Designer For Your Company Website Design In 2020.

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Why You Should Not Hire A Freelance Website Designers

Thinking of getting a website from a freelance website designer? Then wait a moment, let me explain why you should not hire a freelance website designer. Because you will find it difficult once you get trapped in there net.

Yes, I am mentioning as a trap because we have heard and solved many problems with clients. Who tells the story about there previous experience with the freelance website designers.

Do not be another victim of freelancer just to save a few dollars.

1. Website Design Is Not A Single Person Job.

If your thinking that website design is a single person job then let me tell you it’s not so. Its always a team development and team effort to give you the best product.

In website design company. there will be a department looking after each segment of work. Like UX Design, UI Designing Team, Programming Team, Digital Marketing Team, Testing Team.

It’s obvious that everything can’t be done by a single person. Even if he is promising you that he will do all things, the work takes the phase of bad quality and presentation. Because it’s practically impossible that “he will give you the best product by doing all work alone”.

2. Freelance Website Designer Have No Discipline.

Freelance website designer when do not meet up with the deadline, they always come up with an excuse plan. This will be a routine idea which they will be implemented on you.

They do not even regret on not completing in deadline. Because they do not have any authority to act in this scenario hence no discipline.

No Discipline implies no quality work, and you lose your dollar for a bad working model. Company has higher authority which will be keeping track of what is happening. Because for the company all its clients are important and they do not lose you.

3. Some Freelance Website Designers Will Be Learning.

You should have a lot of luck if you’re going to get your work done through freelance website designers. Because some of the freelancers will be learning the job and you will be there the first customer to start there experiment.

Freelancers sometimes watch some youtube channel tutorial and start thinking of making money. But do not complete their complete tutorial class in youtube. Once they get a client they will start there experiment, If successful your happy they are happy. If not then you listen to switch off the phone no.

4. Lack Of Back Up Plan.

Freelance Website Designers always do website designing alone. Since they quote very less they cannot rely on another guy for any sorts of support.

But what if he gets an error, and not able to clear the mess soon. Due to not alternate method to deal with the scenario your project gets delayed. Some cases of projects get delayed for several months.

Whereas Website Design Company will always have a backup plan to some serious scenario.

For example, the employee working on a particular project ends up into some trouble. Then the company will have an alternative plan to give this project to one more engineer to work on. This way your time gets saved and at the same time, the company gets its reputation.

When the company works for its reputation then I will tell you its the best thing you will get.

5. It’s Always Priority Which Works For Freelancers.

For most Freelance Website Designer this will be a part-time profession. Freelancers will be working in some other company for eight to nine hours. After finishing their primary job they come to your work. It will be juggling two items at the same time, so this causes very less creative inputs.

Time management becomes another factor which they will not understand. Because of this a bottleneck or deadlock situation occurs and project lags again.

For them, its always there first job and then your project. When we work for any project our heart and soul should get focused one single goal.

“You cannot keep your legs in two separate boats and sail in the water.”

6. Do You Have Full Confidence On Money They Quote?

When they quote very less to website development then how you trust them with confidence. In business its always said, “you get what you pay for”.

The proper procedure for a website design they may not maintain. Because they have charged very less they do not want to waste much time on your website design and give you a raw product.

Sometimes they end up asking for money in the middle of website development. By the time you understand he has charged high for uncompleted work, it will be all over.

7. Freelance Website Designer Will Not Be A Marketing Strategist.

You trust freelance for reason that you know him very well but hear lies another problem. Website Designers are coders they will be having very little knowledge of marketing strategy.

If all above-mentioned point does not work out on your freelancer and you get your work done without any problem. Then also you would be missing out a very important role of website design. That is Digital Marketing Strategy on the website. Like SEO, a good UI Design can draw the customer.

In future, you do not get any guidelines on how to move about in online digital marketing. You will be witnessing sudden lonely in your business environment.
If you go to any other company for marketing after your done with freelancer then again cost increases. Due to rework which happens on your website they will charge again.

8. Chances You Loss Your Money.

No rules and regulation like a company then there will be a high chance of losing your money. We have heard our client telling us that they had given money to freelancer and after ten or fifteen days they did not lift call.

A lot of people will have a very bad time working with freelancers. Always hire a designer from a website design company and get your website created.

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We hope all things are now clear to you. Are you now interested in hiring a professional website designer? Then you can contact our team, we have a very inspiring and dedicated team to develop the website.

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