Why SEO Is Important For Website? How SEO Improve Your Business?

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If you’re an entrepreneur or want to start a company then these questions hunt you that is Why SEO Is Important For Website? How SEO Improve Your Business? Today I try to solve your questions with an example.

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Now without wasting your time let me give you an example to make you understand why SEO is important for the website.

Hypothetical Story For Explanation

A young man John was walking down the street of New York City. A car stops in front of him and three guys wearing a black dress get down. Soon three guys pull John inside car and rush from there.


After a while car stops at a baseball stadium, All three people take John to the gallery for watching a match. Yes, all four are best friends, in the morning John was very much upset because he had broken up with his girlfriend.

John had told his friends about this, so his friends thought of taking him to a baseball match to make him feel better. Such was his friendship, and he was happy with his friends too.

One day John decided to start a new business, by telling his friends first. His new business was buying and selling computers and computer parts. John was also selling software developed by him.

One of his friend one day arranges a party and calls John too. Evening party started and one of a friend told that in his company where he does the job. Needed a billing software and he bought it from some software company. He added that the same software company got an order of 20 other software.

After this John got angry and told friends why you did not refer my name for the development of software. you should have told my name instead. Definitely you all are jealous of my business John told.
With this, John left from there and never ever returned thereafter.

Moral Of Story To Understand ‘Why SEO’ Concept.

So what went wrong who should blame for what do you think let me tell you. John had started his business about buy and sell computers this his friends knew about. Lets not talk how deep was there friendship, all those things we will keep to side and talk.

  • surly how much they know about his business matters because they are close to him but they are not close to his business.
  • If practically speaking why should his friend remember John’s business every day that is not his friend’s job?
  • Moreover, John’s one more software business they were unaware of what’s going, how he is developing software.
  • The credibility matters here that how he could manage the software development. Even if assumed his friends knew about his business work.

What John Must Have Done.

Lets point out all failure in story and lets relate to SEO
  • Sharing John business profile was very much need not only to his friends. But to people around him so that a network of the chain always in the talk about his product. which sometimes give extra publicity about your service.
  • Should always share your knowledge so that people who are in need of your service will get a good idea about your knowledge and your doings.
  • Instead of sharing a good night and the good morning message. John should have shared his ongoing and upcoming projects with friends.
  • More you make your work pop-out in front of your friends then it would be easy for them to remember. Because people forget soon about any service unless they need that service.

Let’s Now Relate John Story To SEO Importance.

For any company website is important but the only website design does not bring you money. For that Search Engine Optimization is very important. How will people know without you telling them that you’re giving so and so service? For this, you can hire an SEO agency.

  1. Your website should be SEO Compatible Website, this is basic for any website. (John Should have mentioned his all business. Like buying and selling computer, selling computer parts and software development. For any work, if mentioning the types of work you do can earn extra money.)
  2. Backlinking of your website is very important and making backlink on a good website is important too. (If John tell more people about his company and they start talking about his business. Then his business will be worthy of it, and even his friends would be aware of it.)
  3. Blog writing is important for any company to get itself promoted. Blog writing about your product and about your service, tells people about your knowledge on your subject. (As told if john was also concentrated on sharing his knowledge on the business. Then people who want service would be getting to understand his knowledge. Which would be grace marks for John.)
  4. It’s always useful if you start promoting your business and your blog writing in social media. Which makes to create an impression on peoples mind.

How SEO Improve Your Business?

Takes time but once SEO rank is established it looks magnificent

This a common question arising from all segments of the brain at once to a businessman. How SEO improves your business?
you may be wondering that for doing SEO and rank your website to first place cost more and time-consuming.
Yes, it takes a lot of time to make your website reach in the first place. It’s also cost more since the amount of time and amount of people involved to make your page rank.
For a bigger e-commerce site, it cost more since a lot of blogs and content should be written for products in it.

Website Trafic Based on Organic Search.

After all these things why company invest a huge amount in SEO Company for ranking their sites.
What will be website traffic of one keyword if they ranked and come on the first page? The amount of traffic you get can surpass the amount your spending to bring traffic to your website.

SEO Builds Trust and Credibility.

Imagine if your website is in good ranking position then it draws customer attention and trust on your website.
The customer thinks your company is trustworthy so google has placed your site to first place. And Google will make it happen in the same sense its algorithm tracks everything.

From your company review to your content of the website everything will be analysed.
The credibility of organic search is more compared to pay per click or Adwords.

SEO Builds An Alternate Business Line.

When a lot of traffic start to visit your site, you will be getting customers for your business. But now you start doing affiliate marketing which is very much in demand in recent time.
Affiliate marketing will be an extra source of income if worked on that too.

You can apply for Google Adsense approval and start earning by Adsense Ads placed on your website.

SEO Is Cheap When Compared With Other Marketing

At the start, I will agree that you will not earn anything because it takes time to reflect your site in organic search. But once your company ranks then surly you get good customers and return from it.
In case of pay per click or Adwords, you start getting clients from the start of Adwords or pay per click. But after one or two years also you will be doing the same. There will be no change in your outgoing money.


I had read a lot of articles but I wanted to make you understand through a story. Because as we are also in business we come across these questions. Like how SEO Improve Your Business? and Why SEO Is Important For Website? You can hire an SEO service provider or a Digital Marketing Company for your company. Please share your thoughts about my hypothetical story if it helped you a bit to understand. To know more about SEO please do visit our company Marquestech Software Solutions.

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