Why Ranking In Google Becomes Very Important For Business.

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Why Ranking In Google Becomes Very Important For Business | Image Source: Image by janjf93 from Pixabay

I think the question “why ranking in google becomes very important for business?” has become everyone’s question today when you start a business. In this post, I will try to explain every point clearly the reason for Google Ranking.

Methods to Rank in Google are

Google is a search engine widely used by users all over the world. The latest survey tells about 3.3 billion users to search daily on Google.
It’s like Rank Top and Earn High.

Let’s discuss some of the points one by one which gives result when you rank top in Google Page with high traffic.

#1. Ranking In Google Brings Traffic To Your Website.

The website which is at first page grab about 40% of search traffic, the second page grabs about 20% of traffic and the third page grabs about 11% of click to the website.

More your far from reaching the first page your profit will also become delayed. In short, it’s like you need to get to the first position to gain traffic which can then be converted to potential business.

#2. Customers Trust And Authenticity Of Business Increases.

It’s a psychological aspect that when people see your website on the first page their trust increases on your company. Because of your dedication to your work and commitment.

This is also true because of your dedication and commitment your website is reflecting at top. It’s also true that same dedication you will carry forward with your clients.

When your client is happy with your work done then automatically your authenticity of business increases.

This is one the important reason why ranking in Google becomes very important for the business.

#3. Image Or Brand Creating Through Google Rank.

An increase in SERP (search engine results page) rankings, also increases Brand and Image of company. This is because of the click traffic of the website.

Once you reach the top page of Google in the relevant keyword searches. It becomes more important to keep and maintain the position on Google. To retain the top position you start learning new things which further increases brand and Image of the company.

#4. Cost Reduction On Marketing

Once you come to the top position in Google Page, your marketing investment will come down.

When you start your business you will be investing both on SEO and Pay Per Click(PPC) in Google. But when your website starts reflecting on the first page then you can reduce the amount of investing in PPC. Reduction in cost of marketing brings in more profit to the company.


These are the reasons why ranking in Google becomes very important for business or services. I think you got all things and start setting your goal to rank in Google.

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