Why Link Building Is Important For Business.

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Want to grow your business, and you’ve not heard of Link Building till now, Then I think you are missing a crucial dot.

Before I answer “why” let me answer one more question which already has popped open in your brain. That is What is Link Building?

In today’s Digital Marketing world link building is one such process used for a company website branding. Website traffic increases, which in turn increases clients to the business.

What is Link Building?

Link building is a process of creating your website hyperlink on other business websites. This increases referral traffic to your website.

How it actually works I will explain to you with an example.

Suppose you’re in a mobile store and searching for an iPhone, but a shop in which you’re in only sells another brand. Now you ask for iPhone and the shop owner suggests a shop XYZ in that market.

You go to another shop and ask for an iPhone he tells the same shop to go for. Now you feel trust in XYZ shop and you go to that shop without going to any further shop and buy an iPhone there.

Hope you understood with this example, now let me intruduce the idea of Link building. Link Building is done in same way only thing hear we are dealing with website instead of shop’s from above example.

Link building helps SEO and almost gives an upper hand if you have more reference links to your website.

I also recommend you to check out the source about Why SEO Is Important For Website? How SEO Improve Your Business? please go through this as well to understand SEO.

The greater the links you have the greater the value of your website builds. But the website to which you have a link should be at least a year old or should have good Domain Authority value.

Google always finds relevant and suitable website to showcase it in the search engine. If your website has more number of reference links then the website placed on the Top Page of the search.

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There are other factors too should consider for ranking. But Link Building is one such process in Digital Marketing.

Now that you have understood what is Link Building and How important Link Building is for SEO? Let’s now answer the main question that is “Why Link Building Is Important For Business?”

Why Link Building Is Important?

Suppose you have started a new business and you are very new in the market. Then what will be the first step of your in marketing?

It is very obvious that you start telling about your business to your friends, relations and other near persons. Because of your action awareness gets created in the market about your business.

Link building is the same process.

#1. Increases Web Traffic

We do Digital Marketing to increase web traffic and link building is also a tactic using which web traffic increases.

when your links are in a reputed website then when people reading those websites can also visit your website. People interested in other products may also find your link interesting and click.

#2. Increase Trust Rate.

Google when crawling a trusted website if finds your website as a link then it will find you as trusted. If many such trusted website has your links in it then Google gives you a place in top ranking.

#3. Brand Value.

For link building, it takes years to achieve just imagine from zero you have to start and compete with others and achieve the largest.

Over this time you would take a lot of time and your Links from another website too would get increased. After a certain year, your brand value increases day by day.

From here on based on the strategy you perform you can be on the top rank. Link Building is like a backbone for you to stand and compete with others.

#4. Increase Visibility.

Alone by link building, your website visibility in Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing increases. At least 20% visibility you can increase and maybe if you’re not working on any other marketing strategy. Then you may end up seeing your website on the 15th page to the 20th page of Google.

Based on your links Google places you up and down in Google search Engine.


I hope you understood completely today’s topic of “Why Link Building Is Important For Business”.

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