What Things To Consider In Website Design? If Designed From Web Design Company.

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Today lets learn about things which make website design perfect if designed from Web Design Company. Has a Website Design Company In Bangalore. It becomes our responsibility and privilege. To guide everyone who wants a website or a blog to show their company or their skill set.

Below we have listed some of the mandatory things to fallow. Yes As a Web Design Companies Bangalore we follow all the steps below mentioned.

Some of you if wondering Why you need a website for your company. And If you’re wondering about what is Website Design please check out this article below.What is Web Design?Explained.

Lets now move on with the main topic that is things to consider in Website Design.

Understanding Client Complete Need.

understanding client complete need.

The first thing is first, all thou this is not in clients prospect. But the best company always asks about client need. Because the website building is for the client and it should represent his company rather the designer.

The understanding client is very much needed. If a company asking you questions about your company profile or your design flow. Even thou you do not know anything in this but your inputs can give the best result for design.

If this is happening then you have made the right choice by choosing the right Web Designers Company.

UX Design Or User Experience Design.


Some of you get confused at this point and relate UX Design to UI Designers. UX Design is completely different from UI Design in website design.
UX Design is a form of creating rough sketches or flow diagram of website.

At this process, UX Designer uses different analysis based on user feedback or experience. based on user experience collected she or he will tell developer or design in charge by documentation.

Documentation can be having the flow of each page. Which pages to come first, which page to come last. What all button should pop out, what all button to show in the first page and last page.

In short UX Designer job is to make the website design more interactive and easily accessible to the user.

Sometime you also will be questioned to understand the prospect of your company background. Which helps UX Designer in analysing the type of people in your domain.

UI Design Or Graphic Design


No Matter how good is your content if Graphic Design is a week in presenting the idea of you. Then you will find less audience to your company or people can judge your company.

Let me explain with an example suppose your cooking for your crush. And you have used all skills used to prepare a good Kadai chicken and roti. But When you’re serving to her if you have not made presentable by garnishing. She will eat without comment and go to her home. There will be no use of all your work.

Same way if UI Designer if do not use good images or design images which makes customer attracted. Then he will be never interested in reading your content or interested in your products.

These things checked only through understanding the design and analysing.

Content Of Website.

Content of the website should be easier to understand and not copied from another site. The more complicated words to read the more bore the user will be while reading.
Content should also have fragments of keywords based on your service or products. Content on-page should be at least 1000 words. Which makes an impression to your client about your knowledge on your business. Has knowledge builds trust in your company.

Tools use to test

  • Content “copied or not” you can check contents online with PLAGIARISM CHECKER.
  • To check content written is ‘easy or not’ can use Hemingway Editor. And check online by copying the content of your website done by Web Design Companies..


Website design and development always bundle up at this stage. Its this stage was website development a lot of things adds up and should maintain a good procedure. So what is a good procedure to follow while coding?

  • The different topic should be indifferent sections rather than one single section. About the company should be in one section, testimonial in one, services in a different section. Example <section>About</section> <section>Testimonial</section> <section>Services</strong>. This will make future changes to the code easy. Moreover, if Google Adsense approved then it will find several places to fill Ads.
  • Each code created should have comment so that in future if any new things to update then it becomes easy to understand.

How to check?


These things you can check by simply pressing the F12 key in your keyboard. A window pops out which displays all codes used procedure.

Responsive Website Design.

So what is responsive website design? When u see your website in different size devices like Mobile, Tab and the different size of laptops. Then the website should match device size and should be readable.

How to check?

website is flexible in mobile as well has tab

You can check different device render in your browser itself. If you’re in Mozilla firefox then press Ctrl+Alt+M Key and you can able to see different mobile and tab render in your browser.

SEO Compatible Website Design


Yes, you have given only for the website but how SEO related here and what is SEO Compatible means.

Let me tell Website Design is part of SEO. A good Website company can also master SEO. But a lot of things add up in SEO but the first step always starts with your website design.

When there was very less company using the website then Title tag was enough to place you in search. Over the period lot of company or using the website so it became complex.

But Title tag, Keyword Meta Tag, Description Meta Tag, Alt Tag of the image is still sole of SEO. If these things are not proper then your website will not reflect at all.

How to check?

After going to your website page right click and go to ‘View Page Source’.check for the title tag and meta tags inside the head tag
<title>Web Design Company Bangalore</title>
<meta name=”description” content=”We are Best Web Design Company In Banglore contact us”/>
<meta name=”keyword” content=”web design company in banglore, website development company in bangalore, seo company in bangalore“/>

Website Speed.

After all, this check website design should check on speed. When you try to open your website in the browser if the website is opening very slow then your website needs a checkup.

Factors affecting:

Minify CSS: CSS files should minify to avoid unwanted memory allocation of whitespaces.
Minify Javascript: Javascript minify to avoid unwanted memory allocation of whitespaces.
Image Optimization: The size of the image is very important. If size increases then the loading time increases.
Image Dimension Allocation: Suppose if the image used in the website is a large dimension. But on the website using coding you have reduced the dimension. Then why you have used a large dimension of the image. The developer can reduce the dimension and size of the image.

How to Check Speed Of Website.

For this, you have a tool which gives you the speed of the website.

If Given To Web Design Company

Hope today you have got to know what all things to check in the website design. If you have Given to Web Design Company. please check all the must check items.

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