What is Web Design? Explained

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what is web design? is the question we ask around when we start a new company, organization or any product based industry. So let’s find out how important is web design for business.

What is Web Design?

Let’s start with basic first, what is web design? some already know to some extent what is web design. But let’s learn complete because half knowledge is equal to not knowing anything. Half knowledge always brings destruction and disaster.

Back in the year 1989 when computer scientist Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee invented the world wide web. From then on there took place many R&D on website development and design.

Web Design is an encapsulation of many disciplines such as :

These disciplines used to organize Information like about organization, what things are done, contact information and other services of the organization.

When look and feel of the website feel good then its an art to attract your clients to your company. Let me explain to you one by one about the different disciplines.

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User Experience Design Or UX Design


As the name suggests its a user experience which counts the most. Because at last user will be using the website from his end.
User way of approach to any certain flow will be different.
So to understand this, UX Designer should first research about the user experience.

Let me explain you with an example, now consider a brand new house given to a user with the well-furnished and good interior.
After giving all this if the user should bring water from a well near him then user experience will fail.
If the user should walk a distance and turn on light of the kitchen from the lobby or hall then it’s the worst experience that user will find.

In the same way, understanding the user experience Web Designing.
Using opinions collected from different sources a prototype model is done with documentation.
This information is then framed with a wiring diagram of the flow of the website pages. This end result shared with Web Graphic Engineer.

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Web Graphics Design Role In Web Design


Graphic designer makes your website more attractive using his visual skills in graphics design.
Graphic Design first pictures the idea of the website look and feel. Then he or she works on the design of a button, fields, labels, colour, font, images and many more.
They make use of software of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator.

In simple words Graphic Designer do Logo Design, Package Design, Use Infographics for promotional design, Brocher Design.

He sees the way of marketing by displaying the graphical representation of a product or a service.

Interface Design Role In Web Design.

I will highly recommend this Interface design in bank toll-free no. Press 1, Press 2….. at last, you will end up nowhere and forget what was your problem. You already got some knowledge on User Interface based on that toll-free no.

In web design, you have to work out a simple approach to any problems or services the user is looking for. Too much of confusing approach or too much of graphic design can hamper the quality of the interface.

For example, if your category section placed in the middle of a website. Then the client comes to website search category at the top and understands that this website does not sell the phone. This way a client approached your website for buy but because of your non-approachable interface, he moves away.

API (Application Programming Interface)

Consider your selling variety of products online on your Web Designing and the user clicks on buy now and starts the buying process.

During which the user wants to do the online payment process. So now you have to get an API from your bank and get integrated into an eCommerce website.
After Integrating your bank API this becomes an interface between your website and the bank. Now when the user clicks on online payment through debit card then his request sent to the bank and the bank respond back. This interface called API.

This Integration of different Interfaces and to maintain the smooth flow of the website. Interface engineers work and make this flow quick and simple to use for users.

Content Role In Web Design.

Nowadays you have come across no of people telling that good content can fetch good money and traffic to your website. What things to add in content so that user gets attracted.

You might now think that who reads the content of the website. But You should understand first that corporate company who want to give job work to your company will look into your profile first.

Some people will copy and paste from another website. Because they think that companies will anyway not get to know about these things.

By copying content you’re telling your client that you do not have any idea on any of the subject mentioned in the website.

You think that you do not get caught but let me tell you Google knows it all. Google automatically places your website at last no matter how much you spend money on promotion.

If your feeling difficult in writing content hire some content writer or give to any responsible website designers who could do content writing too.

Not only writing good grammar English makes content rather good content should consist of SEO encapsulated in it. SEO is very important thing to market your Business Website to get goo Rank on Google.

Coding Role In Web Design.


Here comes the main and important role to make this complete website with all functionality.
Coding binds all the web graphics design and another important interphase.
Like making the button work with functionality and other order systems to work will be done through coding.

Coding the entire website with all good and security protocol coding is very necessary.
People now learn coding in youtube and install in the website. But is this code reliable to any security threats, have you tested it.

One more serious problem while coding is, some do just coding without commenting on the coding done.
Which shows a very immature way of doing the coding.
Because you know to code, that’s fine but when you send this to the testing team they get confused. So its always better to give a comment on each set of code start and end.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search Engine Optimization is very essential for any website. After all this, if the website is not optimized for search engine then it’s like your complete failure.

Its a failure of marketing and failure in promoting your website.
Starting from your Header and Description, contents and even images should optimize.

Before that proper competitor’s analysis should carryed out and even find high ranking keywords.
Keywords should suit the product and services you’re doing marketing on.
Based on Keywords the content should sprinkle with Keywords.
Its always matters how much keywords placed in the content.
Too much is optimization can result in black hat SEO.

Conclusion As Always

A perfect web Design Consists of all these disciplines and a website that is perfect in every aspect is only gives you money for your business so always hire a complete authorized website design company or learn to complete and do it by yourself.

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