What is Interpreter? What is a Compiler? Explained

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Hello World,
If you have got to know what is low – level and high-level Programming language then. Let us today learn about What is Interpreter? and What is a Compiler? If you do not know about the high level and low-level programming language please go and refer our below blog.

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Now let’s try to understand about Interpreter and compiler two magical words. And learn the beauty of programming. Now to make you understand and to make myself to feel like a great scientist. Let me now explain to you with an example.

This Is Story Where Reader himself/herself Is Hero or Heroine (Hypothetical Story)

Image Credit : Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

Consider you got a call from the ministry of intelligence and tell you. “Hi, we have selected you for a special undercover operation so pls visit PM office”. You become very excited and wake up from your dream. Yap… I know how your feeling….(back to story) By now you understand that you have to go to Delhi for a meeting with the boss. (Hy stop it, this time its not dream concentrate on the story now).

Then you take your already packed bag and rush to the airport. You have forgotten to take vitamin tablet with you, now you take nearby some pharmacy shop. Let me fast-forward and make you sit-in flight. At least you got a window seat, good day. After some time, air hostess gives you chocolate you eat it. You start to read the book, you see out, you listen to music like this it goes on and you even sleep sometime.

You listen to an announcement from the captain of the aeroplane saying he will be landing shortly. After landing you get down and receive a call from your boss.

Realisation of Facts

Your Boss: Where are you ______(Fill your name)You: I am in Delhi airport.
Your Boss: I have sent a man to receive you from the airport.
You: Yes in the short time I will be out.
Your Boss: What man from the past 8 hours what you’re doing inside the airport. After reaching Delhi
You: What! (you look around) No..You ask other people…
Other Person: chug…cha..chung….zumi…

You run to ask for information center.. but you don’t find it anywhere because soon police catch you. Officers enquire you “ugi…bungi…chungi..mugi..passport”.
You understand nothing but you give your passport to him. while giving you notice the map of North Korea.

But how come, now you recall everything and see your flying ticket which tells you that originally the flight was to North Korea. But there was a stopover in Delhi. For once you recall Kim Jong-un. You recall the tablet you took and for your bad, you see that its a sleeping tablet, not vitamin took a long time to understand.

Officer Pungli: migli…chugli..mugli…muguli..
Your Answer: What are you saying I do not understand. Officer (hears): whooo….simi..kul….ja…….un….
What your telling he will not understand what he will be telling you will not understand. After a long talk about your newly invented language.

Entry Of Life Savers Compiler And Interpreter

They will call upon a person his name is Compiler. Now you tell him your all story from start to finish he writes down all your narration. Then give you a thumbs up after finish and tilt himself to Mr.Pungli officer of North Korea and start to narrate your story. Sometimes after you understand that Mr.Compiler is not stopping. You even see Mr.Pungli getting angry. Now you understand that some mistake you have narrated in your story so you call Compiler again. But Compiler will ignore and completes a full circle of story and then comes to you. By this time Pungli is full in anger mode.

This continues then after some quality time with Mr Pungli. He organized a meeting with the Embassy of India. Embassy Immediately sent a Person named Interpreter. Who listened to one statement of your narration then again turned towards Mr.Pungli and explained. Then again one more line, In this way he conveyed all the line of yours to him. How cool is Interpreter? I think what is an interpreter and what is compiler questions are now solved.

After this much happens you get up from your dream in flight and this time its Delhi. This long you were in one more dream. Leave this story now did you understand the concept of Compiler and Interpreter. If not I’ll take you to one more dream now.

What is Interpreter?


Has Explained in example machine language is very different that will be in 0 and 1. Machine understand the same, Interpreter will be having an Interpreted language which translates programming code to executable code and gives to the computer. Which runs an executable program and gives the output. But Interpreter goes line by line and execute one by one line. If you face any error in any of line you can change it at your next line.

What is a Compiler?


The compiler will convert all your program at once to executable code. Executable code is then executed at once in the machine and given output. This concept is very easy instead of an interpreter where you execute line by line. Which makes a programmer in burden.
But if something goes wrong in the program which you have given to compiler it will not stop until complete code is executed.

Did You Know:
At the University of Manchester In 1952 Manchester Mark 1 computer saw worlds first Autocode compiler. Developed by Alick Glennie he was a British Scientist.

Lisp was first interpreted high-level language introduced by Steve Russel on an IBM 704 Computer In the year 1958.

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