What Is Digital Marketing?

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Everyday when online marketing comes to mind we always end up in this question that is what is Digital Marketing? We are at the age of Digital Marketing if you’re still Marketing with old strategy by giving Ads in newspapers, radio or hoarding then we think you should just upgrade yourself for this new age of marketing strategy which is far more advanced, effective, cheaper, productive. There was a time when you were wanted to market only in one area or some radius where your reach was perfect but you can’t since you where to market in Newspaper. Newspaper also can use for offline market to publish your business by advertising the article related to your Business.

Newspaper will be published in throughout city without any filtration which will be a big drawback in case of resource management and marketing, this is primitive way of approach and you need huge investment and in return, there will be less business if your business is only in one particular area.

Now Time as changed and new era has erupted which is using social media, search engine, email marketing, and other technique to promote your business or your company at first place and well you have chosen to filter your customer to and also get profit and make use of profit to more and more investment to new sector too. Targeting a customer is very important if not it will be like you will be marketing beauty products to men also which makes your resource drain.
There are different Marketing Technique some of Technique are below

SEO : (Search Engine Optimization):
This is an organic method of marketing this method always takes time but this always gives you a good result like its sowing a seed and irrigating it properly so that it gives sweet fruit tomorrow. Once due to SEO your business or company starts to reflect on the 1st or 2nd page in Google and have good page ranking then you earn the profit. This method always works with a meta tag and other essential like link building, backlinks, popularity, blog writing. It is very essential for the business to prosper concern experts SEO company in Bangalore


SEM : (Search Engine Marketing):
Make use of paid promotion in search engine since organic optimization (SEO) takes time to reflect, your company or website or business is in the market by adding Ads in the search engine or by the campaign the relevant page or product.

SMO : (Social Media Optimization):
Create new Ads and circulates the Ads in all respective groups of social media continuously and try to generate traffic to your business by making use of best UI Designers and Animators you plan your week Ads. This Technique’s main purpose is to make the customer aware of your brand and make him familiar with your brand.


SMM: (Social Media Marketing):
This is a paid campaign we do for your company understanding the scalability, restriction zone and limits of the business in social media target finding are very important in this process.

Content Writing:
Writing best content to your website is a must or to your video which you’re launching on YouTube or Facebook promotion content decide where you stand with a large crowd of business. Optimizing the right content is very important to distinguish your business from other businesses in the market.

Email Marketing:
Today’s life if you want to sell a product then you should surround your customer with all the product details through mails which makes the customer believe in your product and have trust in your company. This method works but individual customers should be analyzed properly and based on his interest we should send him mail, otherwise, mail becomes spam.

Website Designing:
Company or business without a website means your blindly running towards your destiny and you will be exhausted very soon so the website is a must to say something and everything about you and your business. A website with poor design quality and without mobile and tab compatible and SEO optimized then it’s equal to not having a website. A good website which gives you profit should always satisfy all website and Google Standards.

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