Tianwen – 1 Has Started Its Race To Reach Mars. But Yinghuo-1 Failure Still Hunts China.

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Tianwen – 1 has started its race to reach Mars. This time it has learned a lot of lessons from its previous failure mission Yinghuo-1. Hope it reaches Mars.

China’s, new mission Tianwen-1 orbiter, Lander and Rover has been launched from Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site on 23 July 2020 Using Long March-5 rocket. The name given to this mars mission originated from a Chinese poem written by Qu.Yuan in 340 – 278 BC. This is China’s ambitious mission ever since India reached Mars with MOM on 28 October 2013.

How Tianwen-1 Will Carry Out Mission

Total Weight of Orbitor, Lander, and Rover is about 5000Kg.
Tianwen-1 will reach mar after 7 months from now that on February 2021.
After reaching plan of the mission is to orbit Mars with an orbiter and deploy the lander to mars
after a successful landing rover will carry out research.
Rover powered by the solar panel to explore the martian soil and dry ice. Also can perform chemical analysis and send data back to earth.

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Tianwen-1 Mission Purpose

Martian mineralogy, Topography, Meteorology, Magnetic Field scanning will be its main goal.
Tianwen-1’s mission is to find the past life and to collect evidence supporting it. Produce a Martian Surface Map, examine martian soil composition and water ice.
Tianwen-1 will be a technology demonstrator for china in front of the world.

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Yinghuo-1 Failure Mars Mission Of China Hunts Still

Picture credit: Google | Wikimedia

Yinghuo-1 was the Chinese first mars orbiter mission. Yinghuo-1 launched along with Russia Fobos-Grunt from Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan.
This was On the 8th of Nov 2011.
But after launch, the orbiter failed to burn start to orbit earth and to gain acceleration and go to mars path.
It could not even start itself and leave the earth gravitational force. Because It could not start its engine mission was complete domed.
But on 15 Jan 2012, Yinghuo-1 underwent destruction mode and re-entered earth atmosphere and fell in pacific-ocean.
As said by scientist “there is no failure in science its only learning”. Today china again started its journey to reach mars.

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Indias Mars Mission Succuss.

Picture credit: Google | Wikimedia

How can we forget our MOM to mar’s mission it’s such a great achievement which can will be remembered for a long time? It became the first Asian nation to reach mars, The first country to reach Mars on its first attempt. Proved for Isro and let’s thank them again. What do you say, friends?

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