Things To Consider While Planning For An e-commerce Website.

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If your planning for an e-commerce website for your store then you need to consider a lot of things before you get one.
The first thing to consider is to sit and analysis why you need an eCommerce website. Definitely eCommerce site acts as a super magical website that will double your profit by just a click. But before you dream about profit I want to tell you some guidelines to follow.
There is a lot of things that you and the eCommerce development company has to deal with. So know it, so you can be ready to make the decision and because of your ready ness, you may earn good returns.

Things To Consider While Planning For An e-commerce Website.

Top 6 things to consider while planning for an e-commerce website.

Our area of focus will be from scratch to the final completion and even after the completion. Let’s go on with one by one topic from the start to finish.

#1. Spend Time Knowing Your Target Market.

Its always good to understand the market potential at the very beginning. Whether you want to target customer only in your country or you want to go globally you should decide.
If your looking for a customer from around the globe than you should take care of taxes in the country your selling, Shipping costs, excise duties. In some countries, you need to know the Polices and regulation which the countries have.
Based on these scenarios you need to target the market which is favourable for your product. Now the call is yours which countries you stick on to and which you delete off from your list.

#2. List Out Features.

You need to spend several hours listing out features that you need on the eCommerce website. In most cases, you need to look into another e-commerce website as a reference.
After understanding the fundamental of an e-commerce site. Now you need to conduct several brainstorming session with your teammate and the developing team. Once you have an idea about any new feature and old. List out features completely to avoid any confusion in the future.

#3. Competitor Website Analysis

It’s always good to be aware of your competitors because you are fresher but they are experienced. So it’s better to understand their model of working before starting yours.
Technology in which the site built and what made them use those kinds of technology are some of the factors that should be known.
Compare with your featured lists and there features on the website. If they are using a new type of feature then find out why they may be using it.

It’s also not important that you should have all the features which are on your competitor’s. Those features may be less effective too, so understand everything and then make a move.

#4. List Out Project Requirement.

It’s better to understand the project requirement from the web development company. Based on your features and your competitor analysis you get an idea of how your website should be. So now the time is to find the project need.

Hosting Space:

What is the bandwidth of the hosting space, speed of the hosting space? How many email Id will you be requiring according to your plan. If your target is a very small audience then you may not go for a bigger bandwidth hosting space. So it all depends on the features, target audience.


Now it’s all about the budget, if you want features like Amazon and Flipkart then you need to have a budget same as that.
It’s clear that you cannot have all the features of Amazon by just having $10000 – $20000.
Now some of the features you need to keep some of them you need to discard if its a budget issue. Based on a budget keep the priority of the features.


Web design and development company need to have a clear cut idea of how much time need to finish the entire work. Based on the experience they have they should easily able to give you a timeline or deadline.

Third-Party Integration:

The web development company will be having an idea about Third-party integration. You need to have Q & A with the web development company and also with the team of the third party.
What are the charges and how many days will happen before your account receive money? If any hidden charges are there you should get notified before.

Shipment Charges:

Based on the KG of packages there will be charges from the shipment side in a different part of the world. Country to country may vary as well due to tax, so you need to be aware of this too.

#5. Ecommerce Website Design:

Now comes the design part which will be followed by many steps in the IT industry. UX Design first and UI design as the next step, if both the step comes good then your Design comes out brilliant.
Things to consider in the Design Phase are:

Mobile Compatible:

More than 60% of people today shop through there mobile phone. So it became very important for the web designer to build a website design that is compatible with the mobile phone.
The design should be very comfortable in the mobile mode too that should be the design.

Product Showcase:

Ecommerce its all about selling the finest product and it all depends on the showcase of the product. So it needs extra hard work to showcase the product on the website. The design team should make the product display and description, price, discount and review more attractive and easy.

Shopping Cart Design:

Shopping cart the second most important thing to consider while designing. Because people should be able to make out what all they have purchased easily and also it should be attractive. Since it’s the billing section and people are very observative at this end.

Customer Support:

Easily available customer support team details or any live chat now make more sense. People having doubts can directly enquire with the customer support team and have clarification.

#6. SEO.

SEO (search engine optimization) is the main framework of all marketing strategy. Without this, you may end up nowhere, as holding only an e-commerce website does not bring you profit.
The website has to be marketed through different online sources to reach out.

Website SEO Optimization:

An eCommerce website should conduct a regular review of the sitemap. Favicon, Image should be optimized with alt tag and title tag. All meta tags should be present on the website using the keyword research done before.

Analysis Of Any Broken Links:

If any broken links are present on the site then they should be there. Broken links can hamper the complete SEO progress of the website. So SEO company should always pay attention to these areas.

Digital Marketing:

Social Media integration, Paid Promotions and even affiliate marketing drive visitors. You’re not just building an eCommerce website. But a complete Digital Marketing capable website.

Integrate Google Analytics:

This part many leave out because it’s an out of the box for eCommerce but it’s not so. Google analytics help you understand what people are thinking about your site.
whether visitors are happy are not, you can find out through this based on session time spent.

#7. Feedback and Continuous Improvement.

Amazon and Flipkart took many years to correctly analysis user experience and now they have mastered it. But when you first start you cannot reach hight soon but it takes a lot of improvement. These improvement done will be from the feedback given by unsatisfied users.
Because you need to constantly improve so you need to get feedback from the customers. Once every problem solved then slowly your site gets its respect from the Customer.


A web design company that has enough experience can only perform the task of e-commerce very well. So it’s up to you now to make the decision correct decision on who has to build your website.
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