Research Say: Surgical Mask Or Three Layered Mask is Best To Fight Covid-19.

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Research has shown the quality and number of layers of Masks. Which should be in the mask to protect yourself and others from the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Effect Of Coronavirus Pandemic.


Ever Since COVID-19 pandemic has hit out on the world very hard. Our day to day life has been incomplete halt or slow down. This is showing a positive impact on nature but at the same time affecting the life of people. In India, we saw a great migration to there respective states because of no Job.

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Many corporate giants like Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, etc have recently stated to continue work from home amid COVID-19.

Following the same much other Software company has also continued work from home. which has made housekeeping, contract workers have jobless.

But this is not time to fear rather put on our mask and find a different source of income.

But to find a different source of income first we need to wear our mask. Even we need to understand the science of mask protection and find which mask protects us better.

Mistake People Are Making.

It’s Said that mistake will happen its a human nature. But if a mistake happens knowingly then its crime. Since your effecting yourself has well has other life too.

  • People are not wearing masks Still, Its mistake right.
  • Without any reason roaming around.
  • Mask not covering nose and mouth.

What Research Has Told Us.

  1. no mask will end up affecting your life and others’ life too.
  2. The wearing a single-layered mask will protect you when your talking. But still remains vulnerable when a person coughs or sneeze.
  3. Wearing a two-layered mask will give some protection and also protect others by it to some extent.
  4. Wearing surgical masks is the best chance of you to beat coronavirus entering you as well as virus entering others.

Research Tells us to wear at least 3 layered masks or surgical masks.

For more information read published research result in Thorax

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