QR Code For Indian Railway Ticket. Explained: What is QR Code?

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A QR code, everyone now a day tells and use QR code. Then what are these things and how does this thing work. Indian Railway travel ticket and platform ticket will be contactless. QR code will be used in Indian Railway.

What Is The QR Code?

QR code stands for Quick Response code and its a type of matrix barcode. It was first designed in 1994 for the Automobile industry in Japan. QR Code is the same as Bar code which is very similar only thing Bar Code is in linear.

QR code is abbreviated has Quick Response code

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Difference Between Bar Code and QR Code

Have you ever wondered why we are using QR code rather Bar code can also do the same? Why Barcode is linear & QR code is Square?

First difference everyone knows already its QR code is square and bar code is linear. This difference itself makes Bar code to store very least data. Yes, now you got it right in QR code reading 4 sides of the square can give space to store more data in it.

For Example, Bar Code can store only Item Id or Price of the Id. Consider You have a Website Developed From a Web Designer. Now you want to store data in Visiting Card or Brunchers for marketing your website. So it became necessary to use an alternate code to store more data like Website Url, Phone No, Address, Name, Other details. QR code made like 2d design to store any data in it.

QR Code Using In Indian Railway.

Image Credit – Google | Wikimedia

Its corona time, Yet again I have to say no matter what new things we do, we relate it to the corona pandemic. But this time it’s about making a contactless approach to travel using the digital tickets. Indian Govt is wanting to make at least 80% of ticket issuing and platform digital tickets.

How Do They Do That?


Has told you earlier QR Code can store more information than Bar Code.

Based on this analysis Railway will be soon generating QR Code for travel tickets.

This QR Code will be sent to mobile through SMS or other apps.

On Showing QR code to Checking Inspector, he will use his mobile or any other device which will read the information in the QR code ticket.

Time to Defeat Corona.

QR code can prevent contact with the vendor or staff contact. Technology can break the chain of the corona to some extent. But we as people should also take precautions by putting on the mask, sanitizing hand.

How to properly mask your mouth and nose
  • Do not touch your face and mask always.
  • Avoid pulling your mask to your chin.
  • Cover mouth and nose everything.
  • Do not talk very close with any person.
  • Avoid traveling to very far places.

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Techno Matrix Words.

Technology developed and used in every single day of work. But it’s our responsibility to fight with corona by wearing a mask and sanitizing hands. What you think friends?

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