Python Comes As Winner Amongst All Programming Language In 2020.

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IEEE Spectrum shows in there website python leads the race among all other programming languages. The ranking is evaluated from eight sources like CareerBuilder, GitHub, Google, Hacker News, The IEEE, Reddit, Stack Overflow, and Twitter. I remember in 2017 predication from stack overflow saying that till 2020 python can beat all programming language. Today It happened the same way.


But Why Python Programming Language So Popular

In 1991 Guido Van Rossum first released Python. Which is an interpreted, High-level General-purpose programming language?

But in case of only interpreted, I still believe that python is complier and interpreter programming language. It first Compiles the source code to make it the Byte Code. Then Byte code used by interpreter PVM(python virtual machine) before transferring to machine language.

Ho, this points nowhere related to present fact about Why Python? Let’s come again to point, so the main reason for popularity was its simplified coding language.

coding is so simple that even an amateur developer can learn and master. Provided he should be knowing good logic before.

Is There Any Future In Java?

People asking this question, I think Java has given them an answer by coming has the second-best choice of programmers.

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Remains the best choice to select for Building Android Apps, Web application development, and software tool development.

Because of Java is the platform-independent object-oriented ongoing and portable language.
The craze to learn Java among developers is still ongoing. With its evolving language, we wish all developers to get evolved.

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ALL Time Favourite Of Developer, C Language

We are still finding C in a third-place that’s huge do you know that. Its been 48 years now ever since Dennis Ritchie & Bell Labs released C language for the UNIX System.

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But why is it developers are still using it, what makes it unique from others.

C has a unique feature of both high level and low-level languages.
C serves as a general-purpose programming language. Means it can be used to work on applications, Games, Graphics and applications where a lot of calculations are there.
Code for microcontroller or supercomputer you need C Langauge.
C is master Langauge all thou it’s third-best still it’s great.

Did you know:
Before the C program, there was a B programming language used by Bell Labs For UNIX System. But had a drawback in understanding datatypes and even not having "structure" in it. Soon this was overcome with C Langauge.

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