TikTok Gets Final Warning From Pakistan TeleCommunications Authority!

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Shocking Move Form Pro-China Country Pakistan.

TikTok Gets its final warning from Pakistan based on the immoral, obscene, and vulgar content shown in TikTok. Shocking reaction from pro china country.

Ever since China Showed its aggression against India not everything is good with TikTok. Take action, We will take action is the words we are hearing from different parts of the country. Trump team had urged people of the USA to sign a petition on the Tiktok ban. Including Australia is thinking of a ban on TikTok. For this “We Take Action” Statement there is a new country and you would never predict this country could tell this statement. Yes, its Pakistan who sent out a strong warning to Tiktok based on obscene, immoral, and vulgar content of TikTok.


Under the PECA (Nations Prevention Of Electronic Crimes Act), PTA(Pakistan Telecommunications Authority) has decided to block Bigo and to give a strong warning to TikTok.Earlier India had banned 58 Chinese App which was security threats to Indian sovereignty. Australia is also investigating apps security treat to there nation and if found any security breach to the nation they will be taking action.

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PTA has told TikTok to bring in a mechanism to control the immoral, obscene and vulgar content shown in TikTok. This statement from Pakistan is nowhere related to the security threat of the nation. But still comes has shocking has we know Pakistan is pro china and it stands with China at any circumstance. Pakistan has also blocked the Bigo App which is one more app of China, For its vulgar contents.

Tiktok App is trying all its ways to cut down hate on it but the problem lies with the Chinese communist country. We can only tell bad government can make any business to tear apart.

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