Object-Oriented Programming Methodologies.

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Object-Oriented Programming is one of the most popular methodologies In Software Development. Let’s Learn Foundation Of Object-Oriented Programming today. The program development speed increases, reusability of program, improved maintenance.

In the end, we have put Bhagavad - Gita.  "Observing the Armies On The Battlefield Of Kuruksetra". 
Chapter One Text 1
We thought while we learn the courses we also learn Bhagavad - Gita. We only write one shloka per blog and try to explain Purport. Because when we try to read a whole book at once you may leave reading. But if your ready one Shloka per day it becomes easy.
Chapter 1

Object-Oriented Programming Methodologies

Object-Oriented Programming Methodologies is a software development methodology based on models of a real-world system.

An Object is the main or core of the object-oriented programming. The object is a real-world entity or concept.

Foundation Of Object-Oriented Programming

Its a type of methodology used to build software applications. Where Object-Oriented Programming consists of Classes, Objects and Methods.

What are the Objects?

Any tangible entity for example cricket ball, person, a house which exhibit some definite behaviour is told has objects.

But now do not limit yourself for only things which you can touch can be objects. Software development the concept of the object needs some sorts of refinement. For example, consider the website design company in Bangalore Marquestech software solutions. It is a company it does not have any physical boundary. But has a specific purpose and one can direct a specific action towards it. Thus Marquestech Software Solutions company is an object too.

What is State, Behaviour and Identity of the Object

According to American software engineer Grady Booch. Who recognized for innovative work in software architecture. An object has three characteristics:

  • The State Of Object.
  • Behaviour Of Object.
  • Its Unique Identity.

Lets now understand through an example. Consider an Aeroplane has an object. Aeroplane being in one place as a stationary or moving to its parking place or flying is know has State of the object.

Accelerate, Decelerate, Pitch up, Pitch down will become Aeroplanes Behaviour.

A-30 number on the tail indicates Unique Identity of Aeroplane Object.

Two Objects can have the same State and Behaviour. But should have a different unique identity. Now that you have learnt about Object. Let us learn what is Classes.

What are Classes?

The grouping or categorizing the objects based on their common attributes or characteristics.

For example objects, such as SpaceX, ISRO, Blue Origin, Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, NASA, ESO all are the company. Now SpaceX, ISRO, NASA, Blueorigin, ESO are space Exploration company. So this falls under class Space_Exploration.

Class: Space_Exploration

Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal are online Ecommerce company marketing product through Ecommerce Website. So it falls under class E-commerce

Class: E_Commerce.

What are Messages & Methods?

Now you know about Objects and Classes but to make these object to interact you need to pass messages. Objects are not meant to be in isolation. They have to interact with each other to execute a task.

Lets now take a complete big example from the objects and classes to methods. Consider Elon Musk, Falcon Heavy Rocket, Astronaut is three objects. Elon Musk presses a button to start lunch sequence. Falcon Heavy Rocket receives the message to ignite and lunch which is its behaviour. But Soon Falcon Rocket Observe leak in Rocket and Pass Message to Astronaut Screen. Astronaut now receives a message and act or take action to escape through escape system.

Here action escaping become the behaviour of the Astronaut. Thus, Behavior is also called method in object-oriented Programming Methodology.

———End Of Chapter One Of Object-Oriented Programming—————-

Bhagavad – Gita Chapter One “Observing the Armies On The Battlefield Of Kuruksetra”.

Image Source : Google | Wikimedia

Text 1

धृतराष्ट्र उवाच |
धर्मक्षेत्रे कुरुक्षेत्रे समवेता युयुत्सवः |
मामकाः पाण्डवाश्चैव किमकुर्वत सञ्जय ||1||

dhṛitarāśhtra uvācha.
dharma-kṣhetre kuru-kṣhetre samavetā yuyutsavaḥ.
māmakāḥ pāṇḍavāśhchaiva kimakurvata sañjaya.

dhṛitarāśhtra – King Dhrtarastra; uvācha – Said.

dharma-kṣhetre – in the place of pilgrimage; kuru-kṣhetre – in the place name Kuruksetra; samavetā – assembled; yuyutsavaḥ – desiring to fight.

māmakāḥ – my party referring to his son; pāṇḍavāśh – the sons of Pandu; cha – and; iva – certainly; kim – what; akurvata – did they do; sañjaya – O Sanjaya.

King Dhrtarastra Said: O Sanjaya, Being desirous to fight. What did my sons and the sons of Pandu doing. After assembling in place of pilgrimage at Kurukshetra.


Two armies Pandu sons and Dhrtarastra son have assembled in the Kurukshetra for war. Arjuna is leading Pandava army with Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Sri Krishan.
Dhrtarastra was a blind king so he asks his secretary Sanjaya who had the power to envision the Battlefield. Even while he was in the room of Dhrtarastra. Sanjaya was a student of Vyasa, by the mercy of Vyasa, Sanjaya could do so.

Kurukshetra is a sacred place of pilgrimage from the time of Vedic age. So Dhrtarastra was doubtful that possibility of his son’s victory.

In this context, he claimed only his sons as Kurus, separation of Pandu sons from heritage is seen.

Dhrtarastra was very confident that both his sons and Pandu sons are assembled on the battlefield.

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