Explained : Object-Oriented Programming Langauge Using C#.

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Lets Learn Today About C# & .NET Framework

Object-Oriented Programming Language using C# we will learn today. Let’s also learn about .Net Framework Compiler. At the end of the blog, we have discussed Bhagavad Gita Sholaka Chapter One, Text 2.

Chapter 2

Introduction To Object-Oriented Programming Langauge Using C# and .NET

Today lets learn more about Object-Oriented Programming Language using C#.
C#, also known as c-sharp is a programming language introduced by Microsoft.
It has features like Java and C++.
C# designed to work with Microsoft .NET Platform. , The first version released in the year 2002.

Using C# you can build web applications, desktop application, Mobile application. Even you can build a gaming application.

Why C# or C sharp?

  1. Point one it allows code to reuse, lowering the development cost.
  2. Huge community support. Yes, whenever we buy a car we always see the service centre of the car. How many places you have service centre matters. In the same way community support which gives you the opportunity to correct your mistakes. There is a lot of tutorials available to make you understand at any moment.
  3. It’s easy to learn and very simple when compared to C++ which found more of manual work sometimes.

.NET Framework Compiler

We have already discussed a lot about the compiler and interpreter in brief.

Please refer the below link which will enhance your idea about compiler and Interpreter.
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Today lets learn about the compiler functionality in .NET Framework which is different.
Has a programmer we use high-level programming language and generate source code. Which then compiled to machine code this is a basic concept.

Platform Independent & Platform Dependent.

The compiler generates a machine code based on the processor and operating system.

Machine code need changes on each process and operating system. For example when Linux Operating + Intel i5 processor and in another, if Windows Operating + AMD i3 processor.

Platform Independent uses the same compiler for both systems to generate machine code. Example: JAVA, .Net.

If Different compiler for a different system to generate machine code then its Platform Dependent. Example: C,C++,PASCAL

Common Language Runtime (CLR)

Dot NET framework there are VC++, C#, F#, VB.NET, C++.NET etc which promote language Interoperability.
Which means C# code can be used for F#.
Language interoperability is important since every language has its own area of optimization. The Idea of code reuse used at this stage. which makes code execution faster and promote rapid development.

Now we will come to CLR, what its Execution Model in .NET Framework.


C# has its own C# compiler in same way VB.Net has its own VB.NET compiler and C++.NET and other Languages have there owned individual compiler.

The main purpose of these compilers is to convert source code to Managed code Or Intermediate Language. The Managed code is otherwise called as MSIL(Microsoft Intermediate Language).

In .NET whichever language, we use for code the target language is Same that is MSIL.
The compiler knows two languages that are source language and other is the target language.
First, it understands source code then it converts to the target language. The target language is machine language in some other platforms.

In .NET Framework compiler source language is different. But the target language is always the same that is MSIL. Here the target language is Assembly language.

MSIL has two types of files like EXE file and DLL file. Exe means executable file and DLL means Dynamically Linked Library.EXE file used to open the desktop application and DLL file can be made and used with other codes.

Now hear MSIL Passes code to CLR(Common Language Runtime). Where JIT Compiler(Just In Time) convert assembly code to machine code. Converting Based on the machine configuration of processor and OS.

Is .NET Is Slow After Going through this much of Process?

After all this process if you think that this process is time-consuming then you are wrong. In .Net Framework, CLR said to heart. I will explain to you why it said so.

When you have opened a browser of E-Commerce website and are trying to login in, through the login page. Then JIT will now open that particular machine code which opened in the main page. When you go your profile page then again JIT only picks a particular machine code which is stating to that profile page.

Hope you understood the todays tutorial about Object-Oriented Programming Language using C#. Please comment us below regarding any querry we will try to solve.

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