The New National Education Policy 2020 Tells No Longer 10+2.

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National Education Policy 2020 changed the entire education system and tells us that 10 + 2 will be no longer structure.

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Ministry of Human Resource Development(MHRD) has announced a new National Educational Policy 2020. Approved By Cabinet Ministers this will still take time to put in place, has next move is to pass a bill.
One more thing here is the Ministry Of Human Resource Development will be henceforth called has the Education Ministry.

One more thing, henceforth the Ministry Of Human Resource Development will be called has the Education Ministry.

National Education Policy Highlight

National Education Policy 2020 has the aim to bring 2 crores out of school children back to the mainstream. And National Education Policy states that 10 + 2 will no longer be the structure of the Educational curriculum. The new structure will be 5 + 3 + 3 + 4, yes right now parents can no longer tell 10th will be a turning point and again 12th one more. At least this time we can hear new sentences from parents. Now coming to points again, 12 years of schooling and 3 years of Preschooling or Anganwadi.

No Rigid Separation between academic streams. Students are free to take any stream. In class 6th you can see coding language learning and also should do a language internship. Yes, you read the right Internship, give you a better understanding of what you have learned, and where we will be using our knowledge.

Assessment reforms with a 360-degree holistic progress card mean not only school gives you marks. But teachers, as well as your classmates, give you masks, how cool. Govt has a plan to add 3.5 crore seats to higher education.

Now let’s go about one by one to understand how different will It on compared with our schooling.

Break Down Analysis Of 5 + 3 +3 + 4.

10 + 2 structure omitted and 5 + 3 + 3 + 4 structure from age of 3 to 18.

1st Stage called the Foundation Stage from age Playschool to 2 grade.

2nd Stage called Preparatory Stage from Grade 3 to 5.

3rd Stage called Middle School from Grade 6 to 8.

4th Stage Called Secondary Stage from Grade 9 to 12.

Foundation Stage:
Starts at 3 years age playschool and kindergarten, followed with 1 and 2 grade. The main focus of this foundation will be activity and play-based teaching along with the development of language.

Preparatory Stage:
From 8 years grade 3 starts, till grade 5. Learning will be in regional language or mother tongue.
Yes, in this case, thumbs up to this wonderful decision. Instead of wasting time learning English students can learn in regional language. Instead of thinking English is great children will think knowledge is great. When the British went we did not though to change the education system. At least now it’s done.

Middle Stage:
Includes class 6 to 8. The focus will be on experiment learning. Coding or programming language learning will also be integrated with the internship program. This stage’s about giving the right direction for students. Make students aware of things happening around them think broader.

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Secondary Stage:
Includes class 9 to 12 class now known has secondary and the higher secondary as we know them today. But from now it will be a multidisciplinary study. Students can pick any set of the subject from the available structure.

No more Arts, Commerce, Science only one we have to choose and others we cannot study. Now it’s left to the student to pick which subject to study. For example, he can study History and physics subjects interested.

National Educational Technology Formation
Along with the focus on education, other things like language, culture, and heritage will be given value.
National Educational Technology formed to make E-content not only in English and Hindi but in regional language.

Undergraduate Degree

The undergraduate degree will be 3 or 4 years duration and with a great option which we are missing. Like Multi exit options with certification.

  1. If Completed 1 year in a discipline or field including vocational & professional area. First Year Certificate will be given.
  2. If two years completed the diploma certificate.
  3. Bachelor’s degree after three years.
  4. After completing four years certificate of multidisciplinary Bachelors’s program issued.

Students in the degree also allowed for research and given a degree with research on completing research.
National Research Foundation will set up with goals to Research. NRF would govern independently by a rotating board of governors.

Techno Matrix
A lot of Technicalities are we are trying to understand. Some of them like in the Secondary stage it will be Semester base rather yearly base.

Then Schools have strict guidelines to follow on fees and donations.

For this, we need time to investigate still and bring you one more or two blogs. If anything new you like to know then you can comment us below.

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