Scheduled On July 30 Perseverance Rover Will Get Lunched To Mars Along With Its Buddy, Mars Drone “Ingenuity”.

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Perseverance rover cleared to lunched along with its buddy mars helicopter Ingenuity on July 30, 2020. Rocket Atlas V operated by Lockheed and Boeing will lunch from Cape Canaveral Space Launch Complex 41, Florida. Liftoff is at 7:50 AM EDT (which exactly at 5:20 Pm according to IST ).

So Total 3 Lunch to Mars “First Launch was Hope Mission from UAE” the “2nd Launch was Tianwen – 1 Mission” Now its USA Mission To Mars. We Wish all three of them all the best for there journey to mars reach safely.

Meaning Of Perseverance is “to achieve something despite a lot of failures, or opposition or difficulties.”

Overview Of Mission.

Perseverance rover manufactured by Jet Propulsion laboratory. Designed to Carry 23 Cameras and two microphones. Along with rover this time a flying helicopter will be going to assist rover in its pathfinding. If Successful then Ingenuity will make a mark as the first flying drone helicopter in mars.

Rover will study martian surface for before life existence and also geological survey through its soil analysis. This time mission as also planned to take samples of rocks and soil for a future return to earth program.

Perseverance Design And Container.

Software Development for rover or physical engineering Designing, all plays a critical role. Perseverance rover designed by the same curiosity team. The total mass of rover is 1025 Kg which is way bigger than Curiosity.

5 Robotic arms measure about 2.1 mt long. Arms help in chemical analysis of mars soil.


The main concern was on the design of the wheel. Since curiosity had stuck in mars dust for a long time due to which it had consumed enough power and time. So this time wheels were made of thicker aluminum with a greater diameter 52.5 CM. Spokes made from Titanium these all features give necessary traction in Mars Soil.

Perseverance Generator which converts heat energy to electric energy using its 4.8 kg plutonium dioxide. Generator this time is a Multi-mission radioisotope thermoelectric generator (MMRTG). Which is 45 kilograms and generates 110 watts power.

Total Mission Life span is 14 years.

Mars Helicopter Ingenuity


Ingenuity is a solar-powered drone. The main purpose of this co-axial helicopter drone is to find the route to the rover. The total mass of drones is about 1.8 kilograms it has a speed of 10m/s. It can only fly for 3 minutes per day. It is a technology demonstration for the future flying on Mars mission.

Techno Matrix Words About Mars Mission.

We are very much curious about this mission because of Ingenuity which may take flight On Mars. given you a complete picture of the mission. Not only lunch date but about the rover and First Helicopter too. Hope you got some knowledge. Please comment on the mission, of how your feeling.

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