Kargil Vijay Diwas: Explained About Old Warrior Who Fought From Front Line.

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Celebrating Kargil Vijay Diwas and remembering a war hero who fought war even when he was old. Yes, I am talking about Canberra of No.35 Squadron of IAF.

The word Kargil gives a heroic feeling. Because of Indian army soldiers who gave life for our tomorrow we are sitting here at work or enjoying our life.

Some people still do not understand what is geological natural border importance for a country. What role it performs in protecting the nation.

If lost the geological strategical points then it becomes an impossible mission. Tomorrow we will see an enemy near us too.
Because of this strategy, only Shivaji Maharaj was always in an advantage position over Aurangzeb. To Protect the kingdom you should have good control of strategical points.

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One Of War Hero Of Kargil.

Today, I am here to tell you about a war hero who was old but still showed its might in war. He was none other than Canberra bomber and Reconnaissance flight of No. 35 Squadron of IAF. Inducted in 1958 after induction it saw its first mission in Goa. The annexation of Goa in 1961. In 1961 Indo Pak war then again in 1971 Bangladesh Liberation war. IAF Canberra gave an upper hand to find an enemy position and tactics.

Image Credit – Google | Wikemedia

After showing its valor in all war it was once again asked for a recce mission in 1999 India Pak war. Without even telling that its technology is old it had jumped into war.
At the time when all systems were using new technology. New radars, new drones in service, and new surface to air missile system. India was relying on old Canberra. But with experience of the old mission, Canberra gave India time to buy or to think of a new system to use.
Soon Canberra PR57 shot down by a surface to air missile Anza. But till then Canberra had given crucial information that came to use for our ground troops.

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Arriving Of New Technology For Recce Mission From Isreal.

Canberra was having experience but it remained outdated to new technology. With growing generation use of technology should be also updated.

Soon IAF realized the problem and asked for UAVs from its friend Isreal. Despite US pressure and other nation restrictions on the sale of arms to India.

They delivered UAVs to India one of them was Heron UAVs. This was high altitude surveillance and endurance drone. Complete change of war observed soon.

Image Source – Google | Wikemedia

The recce mission became a very easy mission to conduct. Because of its technological superiority.

  • Understanding troop deployment was becoming easy.
  • Ammunition depo of the enemy was found.
  • Bunkers and Positions of the enemy found.
  • To understand the backup procedure of the enemy.
    Without recce, no mission will be successful. This information passed on to the ground supporting team for ground operation.
    All this information shared without any loss of personals in recce mission.

Technology Upgradation Is Very Important

Here I am remembering Dr. Rajkumar Kannada Song “naavu Kalakke thakkanthe nadiyabeku, yendu thalakke thakkanthe kuniyabeku”. This means we always should go with the flow with generation speed and always should dance with the rhythm.

Always do update yourself every day with new technology. Learn new things to survive with a new generation. What do you think friends?

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