How We Work As A Team And As Web Designers.

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How We Work As Web Designers

How We Work As A Team And As Web Designers is really a question of our clients and others who want to get service from us.

As a website designing company in Bangalore, we have a team of engineers. Who designated to finish different roles to increase creativity and productivity?

We today introduce some of our team who work with full dedication. Towards bring out the best web design for his or her business.

Our company provides services in Web Design, App Development, eCommerce website development. We also provide service as a marketing agency in the Digital Marketing platform. When any company needs software which can enable them to work easy then we develop software too.

Most of the time clients visit Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing and reach our website. The client call handled by a sales team, knowing the requirement, what is the field.


Based on the need provided by the sales team client will get coordinated with a co-ordinator. The co-ordinator then takes complete charge of quotation to till handover of website.

Since a single person interaction with the client gives the best result
to the client has well had it reduces the confusion with the client.

The co-ordinator not only will be interacting with the client. But she or he will also be interacting with the internal team lead too.

Time Management after the approval of the quotation will be the primary goal of the co-ordinator along with quality work.

Below are some of our internal teams with whom the coordinator will be interacting.

#1. Planning and UX Design.

This step is first and it sets an action plan for all other teams to work with. Based on the requirement of the client the team gives a blueprint of all the flow and design colors.

If any dynamic action required and any sorts of complication come. In the area of the user interaction pop out in design during planning.

Then UX Design team works on a rough sketch hand-drawn design which makes users interact easily in the website.

UX design team work schedule for one or two days of work. Then the main course that comes into the picture is the Design Team.

#2. Design Team.

Based on the planning and UX design input Design team start with a small prototype of the complete website.

The website design team has a task to impress and exhibit extraordinary work to us as well as to users of the website.

The design team then starts work with all creative ideas to implement using the UX design sketch.

Once the prototype is ready, the design template made visible to the client and explained by the co-ordinator.

Now important changes and feedback will take from the client by the co-ordinator. The information received from the client will be then placed with the design team.

The design team then again changes according to the client’s feedback and completes his full design of all pages.

After completing all pages the design team hand over the work module to Development.

#3. Web Portal Development Team.

After the complete design of pages, the web portal team takes the authority of the website design and development.

The website now should be working on the basis of functionality with a different language. Based on client requirements the language to make functionality will get selected.

For example languages such as PHP, ASP.NET, Java. For an e-commerce website design WordPress, Magento will get used based on the client.

After completion of all the functionality, the website is now handover to the testing team.

#4. Testing Team.

To reduce the employee sometimes the company does not hire a testing person. In most of the company testing done by a developer or a designer. Developer or Designer will only see through the developer’s eye rather than user experience. But our company maintains a separate team for testing.

A testing person evaluates the website with a user prospect and finds the show the errors to the developer or design team.

After approval from the testing team, the website is clear to lunch with the client approval.


This is our team and the method we use to bring out the best product and deliver it to our clients.

Marquestech Software Solution never compromises on the design and development quality. You can contact our sales team for the best web designers.

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