How We Work As A Team For Digital Marketing.

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How we work as Digital Marketing Agency

How we work as a team for digital marketing and what all strategy we implement in order to grab more clients for you.

As a Digital marketing company in Bangalore, we have highlighted a lot of things to you. But this blog we are posting in order to make you understand what all stages and moves we work on.

I personally love Digital Marketing as its new online platform to get promoted your website or products. And new things to learn has fascinated me always.

Making the strategical approach and market the product was always my first priority. Digital Marketing gives all that goosebumps while working to ensure our clients win the market.

‘Client win is our win’ this sentence itself gives huge satisfaction to me and my team people.

So today let me introduce you with everyone who works as a team with different ideas towards a common goal.

#1. Design Team

This team is very important because whatever we want to represent it should be designed in the image first to attract people.

The design did with good creative blend with a good colour combination reach in the market.

Whether your promoting using image or video in various platform

you need a good designer.

From creating a beautiful brochure to promotional banner design plays an important role.

#2. Advertising.

Videos creation team with all units such as cameraman, lights, makeup man, screenplay director are available in this team.

After completion of the video a background voice-over or dubbing and also video editing work done in the team.

The created video get promoted in Youtube and in all social media from the promotion team.

#3. Promotion Team.

This team is the heart of Digital Marketing, promotion in social media gives a boost to any product.

The team main motto is to reach out to maximum people in social media. The team is also responsible for finding out the response of people in social media.

If the response is negative then give feedback on what wrong it happened. This will help us to rethink and analysis of the advertising concept.

#4. Content Writers.

We have already posted about hiring a content writer in our previous posts. The content writer creates an interest to think about the product and serve the customer with a dessert of delight.

Content writer has to work with the website design team for company profile writing.

He should be very active in Article Writing, Blog posting and Blogger website posts. Which will be highlighting our client’s prospect on daily bases.

#5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Team.

The team handles an enormous amount of pressure as SEO is a backbone of any Digital Marketing.

Structure and working platform for SEO.

Increase Backlinks:

For any website, increasing backlinks is one of the primary things to do. Selecting a high DA website for a backlink is important for Google crawler.

The number of backlinks creating on a daily bases should not varied like a wave. For example one day you have created 10 backlinks for your website. The second day you create 20 backlinks and 3rd day 5 backlinks.

This shows Google your not a genuine company to display your company in the first place.

Social bookmarking:

Every day social bookmarking done using the blog, blogger and even forum posts. This can navigate numerous traffic into your website.

Blog Commenting:

Commenting for the blogs who are having a good value from first based on the client product.

Forum posting:

Interacting in the forum and answer their questions is one such thing which creates extra knowledge for us too.

Solving people problems will make us up to date and sharing knowledge increases our knowledge too.


How We Work As A Team For Digital Marketing I think you got to know. Because Marquestech Software Solutions has a complete team to strategies and promote your company. Your company marketing can get highlighted with our marketing team touch.

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Benak Raaj Shetty

I am Benak Raaj Shetty, I have experience of 5 years in Blogging. Being as blogger field I have always thought this profession as giving our service to mankind. By showing the truth to people around and make them aware of new technology. I have always tried to giving a complete knowledge to our tech knowledge seekers by first learning. Now I am writing blog post in Marquestech Software Solutions on all the technology-related topics.

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