Hope Of Emirates On Its Way TO Mars: MOM is Waiting For You Hope.

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Hope Probe on its way to mars. Hope mission cost $200 million to reach mars India MOM made it possible with only $64 million.

Probe Was launched on 19 July 2020 from Japan by a Japanese H-11A Mitsubishi Heavy rocket.
Probe now started its journey and it takes about 7 months of time to reach Mars.

Back In Earth its a very special moment for all west Asian Muslim country has their first time in history to launch a probe to mars from a Muslim country.

For there first, attempt India applause and wish all the best for hope to reach mars.

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Hope Mission Start

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid AI Maktoum is vice president and the Prime Minister of UAE and the ruler of Dubai.
On PM directive, the two space agency Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre and the United Arab Emirates Space Agency signed an agreement.
Under Agreement UAESA will be looking after the enter finance of the project. Overview and even assigning the deadline to the project.
MBRSC looked after the research and development of the probe. Collaborated with the university of colorado Boulder, Arizona State University, and the University of California, Berkeley.

MOM Mission and Hope Mission.

We never wanted to compare but we are comparing to highlight our mission plus and hope mission plus point.
launch mass Of Hope is 1350Kg and MOM is 1337.2 Kg.
Dry Mass Of Hope is 550 Kg and Mom is 482.5 Kg.
Dimension Of Hope is 2.37 * 2.90m and MOM is 1.5m (4.9ft)cube.
Power Of Hope is 1800 watts and MOM is 840 watts.
On Comparing we found that Hope features are somewhat similar MOM. The only difference is in the power of probe. Indian mission carried 5 instruments and Hope is carrying 3 Instrument

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Now let’s see how this will be orbiting the mars with its altitude of the elliptical orbit.
Periareon altitude Of Hope is 20000KM and MOM is only 421.7 KM.
Apoareon altitude Of Hope is 43000KM and MoM is 76993.6KM.
The near the satellite reaches mars the more clear the image of mars and accurate the data will be.

ISRO found this and kept our MOM Satellite at an elliptical such that at one side at least it has reached very near to mars.
If the satellite is far from mars there is an advantage too. That is less attracted to the gravitational pull of mars and it performs more circle.
But In this case, MOM has performed well. it has been five years and it’s still orbiting mars original intended to be only for 6 months.

recent capture of Phobos by MOM

Cost Of Hope And MOM Mission

Now comes the real matter for every Indian. The total cost of hope is $200 Million and the total cost of MOM is only $64 Million.
Yes, it’s more as compared to our very own mission MOM.

But Isro has countless experiences with a mixture of success and failure.
You cannot give a costing for its experience. That’s why Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai said Father of the Indian Space Program. People should understand what gift he has given to us. Let Us Thank him for making us proud.

Hope has mission was first of its kind to there nation. And if we see that anything which you do the first time takes time and money. But next time you will master it and also they had to rely on other space agencies for launch. Which is an extra charge? Let’s wish them success. What do you think guys?

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