Google Map New Feature Getting Ready To Get Integrated , Time to Get a Recommendation.

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Google map get ready to integrate with the new feature. Which helps the user through Recommendation from top local Guides.

Google is integrating a new feature in Google Map which was a piloted last year. Based on the pilot study last year, this year Google Map will be updated with a new feature. So what is it and how does it work and how much it will be helpful for us let discuss.

Example To Understand What This New Feature

Let’s start with an example ok, now consider you catch up with a fever and start to fear. Because of corona everywhere, then you understand you ate a lot of ice cream yesterday. You did not stop for that you ate even street food. Finally, with your friends, ate very light full bucket of KFC chicken. After remembering all this you finally conclude that it’s not corona.


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Now you start seeing all review of the nearest clinic or doctor on google. You list out the top 3 doctors according to review. But still your not satisfied, you end up calling your friend. Who will now recommend you to see the doctor who is ranking very much back in review? You go to that Doctor whom your friend recommended.

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Why This Behaviour Of Our Brain.
Do you know why you selected the doctor whom your friend recommended? It’s not because your friend told you to. But your brain always wants personal attention. Someone advice or recommendation brain takes quickly. Because that advice or recommendation framed for you itself.

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Google Map New Feature Integration


Google Map now will help users with not only the review and pictures of parks, shops, business or service. User can follow local guides who will help you by recommending you at the local pizza shop or other shops which you prefer to go in. You can follow local guides by clicking on the follow button.

As Reported there will also be new topic filters on Google Maps profiles, so you can see the topics and places people share about the most, like pizza, brunch, camping and parks.

There is a personalized setting for all users whether people should follow you or not. If you want to see people follow your profile then you can follow a simple procedure in the profile setting. You don’t want to get followed then you can restrict too in google map profile setting.

You got to know the cool idea and the psychology behind the implementation I guess. Let’s move on to our next segment

Did You Know:
What Google Map Composition Is Made Off
Google map created by two brothers Lars and Jens Eilstrup Rasmussen also known as Danish Brothers. First Designed in C++ programming language. Google Inc Acquired in their company in Oct 2004.
Followed By one more Acquirement by Google Inc of Keyhole which had programmed to see cities and landscape from various angles. It renders a 3D representation of earth to users.
Google next Acquisition was in September 2004. When it acquired ZipDash company which was giving real-time traffic analysis.
Finally Launched Google Map and made it a web application on 8 February 2005.
This is Google Map Composition Of Acquirement.

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