Predict Not, We Will Detect Earthquake Says Google.

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Google Says and have also done several experiments on Earthquake detection and has told that it is possible to detect earthquake through the submarine cable. Its Google Earthquake Detection System through Submarine Cables

Cause Of Earthquake

Blocks of Rocks Or Plates rubbing with Each Other

As we all know the earthquake caused by two blocks of rocks or plates rubbing with each other. Due to pressure caused between two blocks of rock, they break apart and this causes an earthquake. Wow, we all know this from our school time right but we also know that we can’t forecast Earthquake at a very early stage. Like Strome, Flood, and Cyclone Forecast through satellite. We also thought that we one day will make a device that can detect earthquakes but somehow forgot that Is’t it friends. Today Sundar Pichai has remembered his school and is telling everyone that they can detect an earthquake.

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Current Scenario For Detecting Earthquake

Currently, we do not have any system to tell an earthquake exactly but scientists study this branch and we call it has seismology or seismic study. Seismology tells in the rough calculation by seeing the due earthquake in any part of the place. For Example, Seismologist say that there is due in the Himalayan region which can occur in and around 10 to 300 years. Obviously we cannot shift ourselves today itself looking for danger after a decade or century, Yes or No.

How Google Is Trying To Resolve

underwater optic fiber through out the world
BY – Submarine Cable Map

Well, Its Submarine cable which we are using for the internet from the past long years. Submarine cables carry optics fibers in it from continents to continents from one country to another. They are also well protected through numerous coating on it from sharks and fishes. These optics fibers use different bandwidth of light to pass information. By putting sensors in the cable and then expect an earthquake through some models. Which will be cost-effective since the submarine cables are already laid in sea. If it works then we all can tell “what an idea?”.

What Is Working Principal

State Of Polarization or also called SOP this is one of distortion. This distortion or disturbance is detected from the receiver end of the fiber optic cable. Seismic activity can be also detected through this SOP disturbance. Besides this Zhongwen Zhan of California Institute also found out seismic movements. Which can detect the pressure changes in the Ocean which can be used to predict tsunamis. This algorithm needs some final tunning Google is working on that.

Google Success In Field

SOP Spectrogram which detected recently earthquake in Jamaica
Image Source – Google | By – Siliconangle

Google recently detected an earthquake in Jamaica they are very mild earthquake about 1 magnitude. Has said from Google the result found are in the demonstration phase and not in the working system. A lot of works are still pending and its working on a lot of techniques.

Everything Works

The very first thing we have to thank Google a lot. If we take up the history and see there are many people who have died. They can save much life through an early warning system like this. Which is very proper and reliable. Till now Google was been seen for its search engine and Digital Marketing Services. Now a new concept they have thought. I hope Google comes up with this system soon, and let’s wish them “all the best”.

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