First-Ever Image Of Two ExoPlantes Orbiting Around Sun Like Young Star.

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Image Credit: ESO/Bohn et al.

ESO Astronomers have imaged a young star ( TYC 8998-760-1 ) and two exoplanets named TYC 8998-760-1b and TYC 8998-760-1c. Located 300 light-years away from earth.

Astronomers have observed the young sun which is about 17 million years old. Located 300 light-years far from earth. This Image captured by the sphere instrument on ESO’s Very Large Telescope.

Why this Image Has Become So Important.

Has told by ESO the star and other two exoplanets found are 17 million years old which is very young. On comparing with our solar system formed 4.6 billion years ago, this is very young. Astronomers say this gives us a better understanding of the formation of our solar system.

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As told by ESO “Team of Astronomers have been able to take this first image of two gas giants exoplanet orbiting around the host sun. The two planets can be seen in the new image as two bright points of light distant from their parent star, which is located in the upper left of the frame (click on the image to view the full frame). By taking different images at different times, the team were able to distinguish these planets from the background stars.”

Source Credit : ESO

What They Found In Observation

Astronomers used the sphere instrument very large telescope of ESO to capture this wonderful image. The study of these solar planets and the host sun will be a mirror of our solar system formation because we only had a theory of how our solar system had formed till this time.

Having said that, what new they have found , how big is the planet how much far the planet from the sun? will be our next question.The planets which are revolving around the host sun are two gas giants. At a distance of 160 and 320 times the distance between our earth and sun. These gas giants are very much far away from the host star. On comparing Jupiter and Saturn then we will find that it is only 5 and 10 times the earth-sun comparison distance.

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Mass of Exoplanet :

Outer planet is like 6 times the mass of Jupiter. The inner planet is about 14 times much bigger compared to Jupiter. To give you an idea of the comparison of mass we will give you a comparison between earth and Jupiter. In our solar system, Jupiter is approximately 318 times bigger than Earth. Now imagine how big is the planet.

Planets and Sun Previous Study.

In our previous study conducted was having results of taking only a star image or only planets. But In this case, it has become a landmark achievement of ESO. But taking an image of sun and exoplanets which are revolving around the host star is like wonders.Special Thanks to sphere instrument very large telescope of ESO. What’s your option on this find comment us below.

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