No More ‘Like’ Button In Facebook Page, Facebook Testing New Cleaner Layout Design.

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Facebook is testing its new features by making a small community of page users. To make the Facebook page more readable by cleaner layout design, and by removing ‘Like’ count. Facebook is working to make the page more manageable for the page owners. These features tested with a small percentage of public figures in the mobile app. Once after being successful Facebook page will see its new updated feature.

The testing group includes authors, actors, creators, and media entities. Based on these tests people’s feedback, changes made and the Facebook page will go for updates.

What’s Will Be New In Facebook Page?

Image Credits: Facebook (Change Comparison)

Facebook tells that the reason for this change was the social distance. Many people now a day are more dependent on online so Facebook is trying to simplify the access of the page. To easy the page viewers below feature.

  1. Key Information on the page display to viewers.
  2. Like Bio and Posts of page.
  3. No Like Button But Instead only Follow Button.

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Image Credits: Facebook

Problem Facing Now By Facebook Page Owners.

Having both like and follow option is very much creating confusion to the page owner. When a visitor will like a page then the visitor will auto starts follow Now there is no complication. The problem arises when the visitor changes his setting of following to unfollow, But visitors will be still liking the Page. Which makes more of a confusion to the owner of the page to understand whether he has to address members of like or address the members of followers. So to remove this confusion from the owner’s minds this change will be coming soon.

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What’s Will Be New At Page Management.

Page owners can connect with followers with news feeds. Now suppose he needs to switch between his personal profile and come back to his page profile than its possible. The new feature gives access to switching between a Facebook personal profile and a Facebook page.

Image Credits: Facebook

Page Management giving permission made easy by adding “Edit Access”. The screen where the page owner can perform tasks by toggling through the button.

  1. Who can create page content?
  2. Send and respond to direct messages.
  3. Create Ads and Managing.
  4. Community Activities like Comments, remove unwanted content, and report activity on-page.
  5. See how the page, Content, and ads perform.

Page owners can get into insights from the page and also from the post area. In the insight section

  • Page owner will get access to an added Insight.
  • Top-performing Posts.
  • Facebook overlapped with the Instagram account page audience will show up.

Still In Test Phase.

Currently, Facebook is running its test phase. what all new features will be updated and what dropped will be only decided by the test case users’ feedback. For now, this much information we have got if in future any update comes we will let you know. Where u also facing problems with engaging with the audience on Facebook Page? Comment Us Below

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