Elon Musk Demonstrates Brain-Computer Interphase Device Of Nuralink Which Will Be Surgically Implanted.

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Elon Musk Demonstrates Brain-Computer Interphase Device of Nuralink. Which was surgically Implated in pig’s Brain for the demonstration?

Image Credits: Neuralink

About Nuralink Corporation.

Elon Musk found Nuralink Corporation of neurotechnology in the year 2016. But Although it had started in the year 2016 it first came to the public domain in the year 2017. Elon Musk is the highest investor in this company with over $100 million. Seeing his investment we all can know how much serious he is on this project.

The main goal of this company was to invent brain-machine interphase which can be implanted. To help disabled persons to control their prosthetic legs and hand through the implant.

Today Nuralink invented a brain-Computer interphase device which can be surgically implanted in the brain.
what it had dreamed off today it has made it possible. Let’s understand about the new Nuralink device.
Before that let’s understand how the brain works or basic principle.

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How Does The Brain Work?

Human Brain or any animals brain there will be neuron cells which enable to carry information. This information passed from one part to other through some charge variations. Looks like confusing right, Let’s understand what all things make up a neuron. How it performs a complex task also.

Understand Neuron Structure


Cell Body: The main body part of neuron called soma which has a nucleus inside it.
Dendrites: This arises from Cell body and gets thinner for every branching.

Axon: This is a single structure which arises from the Cell Body of neuron. Which carries the chemical or electrical signals. The region where Axon start called Axon Hillock. It’s covered by myelin sheets which helps in insulating and proper electrical flow.

Axon Terminal: Which will be at the end of Axon, which has a bulb-like structure called synapses. Synapses are further connected with other neurons Dendrites.

Neurons Functionality.

Suppose you need to pick a bottle placed on the table.
The neurons cells of your brain produce a charge and get transmitted through Axon. (Some Axon is a meter in length)
The signal passed to the next neurons from Axon Terminal synapses bulb to Dendrites of the new neuron.
On signal reaching the hand, the motor neurons which controls the muscular contraction will perform the action.
Usually, neurons produce about -70mV of potential difference.
And approximately 86 billion neurons are there in the human brain.
Now you got to know-how human brain works now let’s carry on with the main topic.

Programming Tutorial: Object-Oriented Programming Methodologies.

Elon Musk Demonstrates Nuralink Device.

Elon Musk on 28 August 2020 Friday demonstrated new brain-computer Interphase Device. Which can surgically Implant inside the brain? Let’s go on discussing the whole procedure and also about the device.

Image Credits: Neuralink

The Necessity Of This Device.

There are many people disabled from childhood or through war. People cannot walk, can’t see, no hand, Hearing Loss, Complete Blindness. People with this problem are suffering a lot cannot do their daily work. Imagining about them and living their lives is very difficult for anyone of us. For them, this Device will be a boon.

Not only them people are also suffering from Memory loss, Paralysis, Strokes, Brain Damage.

Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, Extreme Pain. As Musk told over a period of time people may have some complications which can prevent.

Imagine a person who got implanted this device to his brain. When he will be doing his day to day work a message pop in a computer that some blockage in the heart. Because he got an early message he gets to the hospital and gets himself for treated. So chances of heart attack will be less.

Now that you got the idea of necessity and capability of this Device, lets now look into the device.

Brain-Computer Interphase Device “Link”

Image Credits: Neuralink

The Device is about 23mm * 8mm which makes it small to hide in hairs when implanted in the skull. The device data of this implanted device read through an external wireless Pod place near the ear. The Device can even state temperature, blood pressure etc.

For the initial device, its read / write in every channel with about 1024 channels. The device has a battery life of all day and should go to charge overnight.

Elon Musk also told that the device connected to the phone and the application will be on your phone. The Link communicates with the phone using low energy Bluetooth to the device in your head.

Pig “Gertrude” As A Test Case

Image Credits: Neuralink

Elon Musk also showed three pigs with which he gave his Demo. The first pig untreated showed its healthy state. The second pig Gertrude installed with Neuralink Device said has “Link”. The third pig had installed with Link but later removed.

He demonstrated that after removing the Link from the third pig it’s healthy and fine. He also stated if any upgrade comes to the device then the Link will be removed and inserted with new Link.

Later he explained about Gertrude pig data reading. Which displayed with spike and sound at a time when the pig was rooting for food with her snout.

Image Credits: Neuralink

The demonstration was only read data from the device. The link device showed the reading of signals from Gertrude pig brain.
Now the company is waiting for the approval for human trials.

How Link Device Inserted Into Brain & How It Works?

Image Credits: Neuralink

Now what I explained in the beginning about the functionality of the brain lets use that to understand.

Has told neurons will generate the signal and pass to different neuron. Eventually, give the signal to the motor neuron of requested part.
neurons signals passed with Axon which is a single structure arising from the Cell Body.

Now the idea is to read the signal which is travelling in the Axon structure. To do so Neuralink introduced an Electrode which is about 0.004 mm thick.

This electrode is thinner than our single hair. Neuralink idea is simply that it will insert this thin electrode into Axon fibre and read the signal. Because Neuralink electrode is very thin it cannot be manually inserted into the brain.

Neuralink so introduced a robotic arm which can perform the insertion of electrodes into Axon. Robotic Arm can create a 3d image of the brain and start work on.

Robotic Arms inserts this electrode with high precision without damaging the blood vessels.

Disadvantage Of “Link”Device.

For Every Technology improve there will be a lot of disadvantage. In this case, there are many I will give you one example. Elon Musk also gave an example of Black Mirror episode which showed the device implated.

  1. Imagine you have discovered a new device and go-to patent. You will find that your idea stolen on the date of your start on the project.

This is one of the examples like this many or there but let’s hope for the best.

—-End Of Elon Musk Demonstrates Nuralink Device.———————–

Bhagavad – Gita Chapter One “Observing the Armies On The Battlefield”.

Image Source : Google | Wikimedia

Link To Text – 2

Text – 3

पश्यैतां पाण्डुपुत्राणामाचार्य महतीं चमूम् ।
व्यूढां द्रुपदपुत्रेण तव शिष्येण धीमता ।। 3।।

paśhyaitāṁ pāṇḍu-putrāṇām āchārya mahatīṁ chamūm
vyūḍhāṁ drupada-putreṇa tava śhiṣhyeṇa dhīmatā

Word By Word

paśhya – behold; etāṁ – this; pāṇḍu-putrāṇām – son of Pandu; āchārya – O teacher; mahatīṁ – great; chamūm – military force; vyūḍhāṁ – arranged; drupada-putreṇa – by the son of Drupada;tava – your; śhiṣhyeṇa – disciple; dhīmatā – very intelligent.


Duryodhan said: O my teacher, see how your disciple son of Drupada has so expertly arranged the army of the sons of Pandu.


Duryodhan here is pointing out the mistake his commander-in-chief Dronacharya had done.

Long back Dronacharya along with Pandavas defeated King Drupada. Even took away half Drupada kingdom who was even father of Draupadi. Because of this battle, Drupada performed a great sacrifice, to get a son who can kill Dronacharya.

Dronacharya knew this very well but when Dhrstadyumna came for military education. As a liberal brahmana, he did not hesitate a bit to teach Dhrstadyumna. But now on the Battlefield of Kuruksetra, Dhrstadyumna had taken the side of Pandava.

Duryodhan is telling Dronacharya to not be lenient towards Pandava like he was with Dhrstadyumna.

Image Credits: Neuralink

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