Explained: New Educational Policy Of India, Total Educational Policy GDP Spending.

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After Indian Independence, the Indian government has done two reforms in educational policy. This is the third reform by Prime Minister Modi. Reform is after 34 years of last reform to Educational Policy. Lets understand how much Spent on Educational Policy GDP spending.

Education is the foundation of any country. Every student should have a dream a very famous thought by Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam here I remember again. The dream should be nurtured, should show the direction. A Valued added education system should be the foundation stone of the system. Value in the education system comes only when there a good amount of Educational Policy GDP spending in the system.

Let’s Discuss the spending of the Indian government and think about what we lost when we were kids.

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Missed Out Guidelines In Kothari Commission Enforced After Long Wait.

On 14 July 1964, the Indian Govt established National Education Commission In India. Under Chairman Daulat Singh Kothari this commission was also called Kotari Commission. This Commission work was to find the pattern of education and advice guidelines to Indian govt on the education system. Make a policy to reform the educational quality of the country.

It took almost two years to give it’s complete its work. On 29 June 1966 reform draft handover to Indian Govt.
In 1968 Under the leadership of Late Prime Minister Indra Gandhi, the draft Implemented.


But very Key reform aspect that is 6% of GDP Left Out.
Later In the year 1986, a small change in Educational policy made but did not touch Finance.
It’s Like your dad giving 20 Rupee and tell you to buy 1 Kg of Apple Makes no sense right.
Kotari Commission told to give 6% of GDP for education and till now Indian government could only give 3.1 – 3.5% of its total GDP.
At last Kotari Commission guidelines of spending 6 % of GDP implemented In the year 2020.

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Spending On Education Around The World


Education plays a key role in any country’s growth a lot of reports of countries tell the same. India stands In 149th place after Pakistan by spending only 3.1 % of GDP on education. Now to make people happy we can tell we beat Pakistan whos place is 150th. New India mindset should change first we are competing with the world, not with Pakistan.

Good Education, good citizens, and govt will benefit Good Tax. Even a small nation like Bhutan is spending about 6.6% on Education.

Zimbabwe has become a very poor country because of its inflation in the economy. Soon Zimbabwe understood it can overcome its inflation problem only through education. Now even Zimbabwe spends about 6.1 % of GDP.

Our new aggressor nation Nepal spends 5.2 % of GDP on education which was way bigger than our spending this long.

Why India Took So Long In Reform.

Every Individual in India knows how much India has a threat to its neighboring nation.
One side its Pakistan on the other side its China.
So India Govt concentrated on defense first, so India though to keep the Educational spending only 3.1 – 3.5 % till now.
Well, we cannot change history now but we can create history by enforcing new Reforms.

Words Of MSS Blog Post

MSS Blog has given you brief details of all this history of reforms and given you an idea of world spending on education.

If anything missed out please let us know. My next blog will is on the total details of the new reform.

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