Step by step e-commerce website development process on the project.

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e-commerce website development process

Let’s understand the e-commerce website development process step by step. When you decide to get an e-commerce website and finally give it to a web development company.
Then the development company process begins with a deadline and quality in mind. Today we are discussing the process of development of an e-commerce website.
As a professional website company in Bangalore, the way we work decides the future of the website.

Lets now discuss e-commerce website development process one by one.

#1 Product / Category and Market Analysis:

There is much company who do this at the last and start off with development first. Which we think a bad idea since there is much vital information we get during this time.
This vital information saves many hours of rework and increases the speed and scalability of development.
Information such as

Product restrictions:
A developer needs to understand any restrictions and regulation are present for any category of products. Because your customer knows more about the product they are selling than you.
If any regulations or restrictions are present then the project manager can note them down.

Usually, the company that is developing a website does not ask you about the pricing of the product. Since pricing tells you about the product quality and even durability. If the client is quoting a high price then he may be giving more feature maybe that helps you in marketing.
If you have noted it down then you can know where to highlight it on the website.

Priority Product:
Clients sometimes have special discount category product, which he needs special attention. Sometimes clients technique of selling the product will be very complex. If you can sort out the complex problem you can work on the feature.

Market Analysis:
Clients products should get market analysed based on demography, gender, age group, income level, education, etc.
When done initially you have a clear idea to give the report for the UX designers and UI designers.

#2 Select Right Ecommerce Website Development Platform.

Based on the initial analysis on product and market. You need to now select the right eCommerce website development platform.
There are different platforms for e-commerce website such as Magento, Woocommerce, Hybris, Shopify. Every platform has its limitations so it’s now left for the developer to make the right choice.
Once the platform selected you should analyse the complete scenario at the start. So that you do not end up with a deadlock at the very end.

The situation may come where the client needs a completely customizable platform. Looking at the first step some time developer needs to decide.
Because of Woocommerce, Magento, Hybris, Shopify you cannot change a lot of things. Development can be done using Html and PHP too if needed.

Payment Gateway Integration.
This is the third party integration and you need to select the right vendor for the payment gateway. Even though you have integrated a payment gateway still you need to have COD.
Good service from the third-party vendor is a must and should as you should handle it in future.

Robust Admin Backend.
Do not ever look from the developer endpoint if you’re selecting a platform for Admin Backend. Select a platform that has every detail for Admin like creating users, admin and agents. It should have shipment tracking, inventory, and several others.

Responsive eCommerce Website.
Without it, no website will remain in the market, it’s a universal law for the website.
Today market runs from mobile if you leave out the main pillar for the website. Then you’re left out in the middle of the desert on the online platform.

#3. Right Ecommerce Website Hosting Platform.

Hosting plan selection plays a key role in eCommerce website speed. It’s about selecting the right stage for the website built. If we have to consider a good hosting plan then.

Website speed became very important from the customer point of view. The more the speed more the customer interest in your product and more search. If hosting speed is less then for sure you lose many customers.
The kind of support the hosting provider can deliver becomes the main aspect for a developer. At a certain point if any problem arises it should be solved.
An e-commerce website needs a lot of security because you’re dealing with online payment. It’s one of the high priority for an e-commerce website.

#4. Effective Marketing Strategy.

There are several ways of marketing online such as SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO, Pay per click and email marketing.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):
If you rank top in the Search Engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing then your gaining profit.
SEM: (Search Engine Marketing):
If you are not able to rank in the search engine through organic then you can always try another way. That is by paying the amount for the keyword and being at the top.

SMO & SMM: (Social Media Optimization and Social Media Marketing). Social media is platform is today’s trending if your marketing here then your near to Branding. Branding plays a vital role in reaching out to customer more than the brand value more the customer.
Email Marketing: Today’s top trending marketing strategy is Email marketing. This strategy is like targeting that one customer and getting a result. It always works and the chance of failure is less when compared to another marketing strategy.

#5. Tendency To Adapt.

Business can only run for the long term only because of the capability of Adapting to the business environment. Upgradation in the market so according to that, the business model should change as well.
A good website design company can only make their client understand why change needs.


A web design company that has enough experience can only perform the task of e-commerce very well. So it’s up to you now to make the decision correct decision on who has to build your website.
As we are the Best eCommerce website design company in Bangalore, You can rely on us. Contact our team of professionals today and get your dream.

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