First Women Computer Scientist Frances E Allen To Win Turing Award Dies At Age Of 88.

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She was the first women computer scientist Frances E Allen to win Turing Award dies at age of 88 on 4 August 2020. A pioneer who changed the perspective of many people, showing the world gender never matters.

Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson made an incredible contribution to NASA’s Space Program. With there everyday struggle has black ladies in the USA. That too when blacks were not given much of preference. They showed the world what women can achieve even when odds are at every level to challenge them. Saluting these ladies lets starts to know who was Frances E Allen and why you should know about her.

Computer Scientist Frances E Allen

Frances E Allen was born on 4 August 1932 in Peru, New York. She died on 4th August 2020 the same day was her birthday.

Frances E Allen Coming from a small family she graduated from The New York State College for Teachers in 1954.

With a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics degree in her hand, she decided to begin teaching in a school. So she joined the school in Peru and continued there for two years.

But she always had a greater interest in learning mathematics. So she enrolled in The University of Michigan and earned the Master of Science degree in mathematics in 1957.

For studying more she had to take student loan from banks, which was very huge. Soon after she completed her Master she joined IBM Research in Poughkeepsie, New York, as a programmer.

She has joined IBM has a code Instructor and remained in IBM till 2002.

Frances E Allen became the first women to be an IBM Fellow in the year 1989.

What is IBM Fellow?

It’s the highest honour a computer scientist can get at IBM. It’s an appointed position at IBM made by IBM CEO itself.

In the year 2006, she became the first women to be a recipient of Turning Award

What is Turning Award?

This Award regarded the highest award in fields of Computer science. This can be also stated has a Nobel price of Computing.

This award is named after Alan Turning who was British Mathematician at the University of Manchester.

Alan turning played a key role in breaking German Ciphers at the time of 2nd world war.
Alan Turning is well known for theoretical computer science and he was also called the father of Theoretical Computer Science.

Well, now what is Theoretical computer science, what it lets not go deep into the topic. I will make one more blog for Theoretical Computer Science.

Turing Award was first given to Alan Perlis in 1966 for his work on Compiler Construction and Influence in area of advanced Computer Programming.

Frances E Allen received Turning Award for her work on theory and practice of compiler optimization.

She is well recognized for Program Optimization, Parallel computing.

What is Program Optimization?

Program modified to improve quality and efficiency called code optimization.

Quality stands for the life span of the program. The durability of the code such as the use of the same code in many other programs made is easy.

Efficiency stands for reliability and speed in which the program gets executed.
By doing this program optimization the performance of the program increases.

What is Parallel Computing?


Traditionally when there was only a single processor to execute the set of instruction.

The time to execute instruction was more because of one processor. So the idea of using many processors came up to reduce the time consumption.

Consider there is two computer processor engaged in executing the instruction qued up. Then the amount of time consumed to execute the input data is very less.
This process is simply known as parallel Computing. In modern time we have come across Dual-core, Quad-Core, an Octa-core processor.

Turing Award Winner Frances E Allen Is An Inspiration

Frances E Allen was an extraordinary person who spent all her life in research and development. She is a pioneer who achieved great heights in the fields of computer science. She showed world Gender does not be a barrier in achievement. Today all Software Company, Web Design Company or any service-based or industrial should pay special thanks. Thanks for her work in the fields of Parallel Computing.

Image Source: Google | Wikimedia

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