BlackRock New Trojan Malware Detected. How Sensitive Is Your Phone To New Malware Explained?

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BlackRock New Trojan Malware Detected online. Which has updated itself to target not only the banking app but to Dating, Music & Audio, News & Magazine, business Apps, and other apps too?

Blackrock was first found by Thread Fabric analyst in May 2020. They reported that malware comes from a family of LokiBot banking trojan malware. BlackRock is carrying the Same features as LokiBot malware but has increased the number of targets of the app. Making BlackRock Malware a more powerful thank LokiBot Malware. Trojan Malware was only targeting the banking app but in the case of BlackRock, it’s targeting many other Apps like Dating App, Music & Audio, News & Magazine, Business Apps. Even its targeting your Gmail and Outlook App to steal information.

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Working Of BlackRock Malware

Trojan Horse

If you have ever watched Troy movie you will understand. How the soldiers were hiding in the horse model and when the enemy will take horse with them has a trophy to celebrate the victory. At Night Soldiers hiding inside the horse model will come out and destroy the troy city. Same way Trojan malware BlackRock will come has an update notification or you will get a message link or mail link telling you to open link to win money. Once you go into a link or give permission to update it is like granting permission to infect in your phone. The malware hides its self inside and does not show any icon of it. After that, it starts stealing information like credit card details, your username, and your password. Stealing information is one side but its hard part is conducting overlay attacks.

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Overlay Attack, What Is It?

When you will be purchasing some items in any grocery app for example and when you go for the payment online. Then instead of app very own payment gateway BlackRock malware shows up with its own payment gateway page. You make a payment on this overlay page. So it’s like you have not paid for grocery but paid to Malware nor you will get an invoice from grocery app. This is Overlay Attack.

What About Antivirus?

BlackRock Malware cannot be detected by any mobile antivirus has it does not allow users to open any security app instead it will redirect the user to the home screen of the device.
All Antivirus fails here like Avast, ESET, Semantic, Trend Micro, AVG, Bitdefender, the Kaspersky, McAfee, Aura.

How To Protect Your Phone.

Do not download any new app through any mail link or message link or fake google update on third party stores. Beware of spam and use a strong password till a new patch comes to antivirus.

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