7 Tips To Considered To Make Good And Effective Content In Website.

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Good and Effective Content In Website, what is it and why a sudden shift has come in means of website development. Today in this blog post let me explain to you what makes Content Good and Effective.

Three types of people you see when the time of content writing.

  1. Hey, we don’t have time so copy and paste from other website or blog.
  2. I Don’t want to Waste Extra dollar for content writing, I will only write by referring another website or blog.
  3. Web Design is important not The Content.

We are writing this for all categories of persons who can relate themself at this scenario. Right at your point of view but it’s about digital technology and the entire your viewpoint becomes technical.

So now let’s focus on the subject and point out one by one.

#1. Impressive Heading.

Your website page Heading or Blog post heading always needs extra care and time. Give more time to think and frame a heading which helps you SEO as well as attracting clients.

When I say SEO it means you need to add perfect keywords in heading to rank your page or blog.

For Example, our heading

“7  Tips To Considered To Make Good And Effective Content In Website.”

In this heading, we have used the keyword such as ‘Content’ and ‘Website’. Use of keywords in header boost’s your web page or blog in Google ranking.

So spend time to create a catchy header.

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#2. First Paragraph = Complete Content Reading

After user reads the header you just have 3 to 5 seconds of time to connect with me. So you need to create a best user interactive first paragraph which holds him tide up to your website.

Usually, the first paragraph will be a brief summary of your entire research.

Keep your self away from adding too much of high oxford English, because the user does not have time to learn oxford English.

Should be simple but at the same time try to interact with him through your words.

If he likes your first paragraph then he may end up reading entire Content. People are in a hurry they might not read at first but bookmark your page to read it later by seeing your first para.

#3. Complete Knowledge On Subject.

When I am talking about knowledge it is not only about your domain or B2B service providing. But should also have technical knowledge of Marketing strategy using SEO.

Consider you only have knowledge about your subject and start giving entire information. But leave out key factors of SEO implementation which leads to complete loss of work.

Do you know why a lot of start up’s shuts down?

After one or two years in spite of having an enormous amount of knowledge in their fields, they shut down.

Because they do not have a marketing strategy and they do not trust other company to do marketing to them. They invest a lot of time on them to learn marketing and get distracted from there goal. People should understand in business its Time which is important, Time is Money.

So complete knowledge on the subject with both technical and marketing can give you best result.

#4. Explain About One Topic.

I have observed a lot of people in a single page or in one blog heading try to explain all topics. Because the reader or clients get confused and start searching for another website.

Which you do not want to happen right then listen to me do not ever explain many topics in one go.

When It comes to the website we have some people explaining all services under one page. This is the first mistake which you do and this will never get rectified. Use different page to address different services which are a good way of approach.

#5. Content Should be SEO Optimized.

The Content should be SEO Optimized in order to rank in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Content can only be SEO Optimized If following procedure is maintained.

  • Heading should have keywords or phrase of Keyword.
  • There should be Subheading related to Header.
  • Keywords sprinkled in content is a must.
  • Image Optimized.
  • Internal and External Links.

Yes, these all should be there, but you should not over optimize content.

#6. Good Conclusion.

Your content is like serving full meals now if the meal does not end with buttermilk then you do not get that feeling of completion.

How cinema ends with a note of climax you should end your content with a conclusion. The conclusion will make your user come back again or visit your website again.

You can give contact information so that people can contact you. Else can tell people which is good if your comparing any products and giving analysis report.

Make sure you end with a conclusion.

#7. Update Once a While

Google always like fresh content after uploading if your page is optimized then sure you will rank. But soon ranking starts to drop and this is because Google always prefers new content.

So how to counter this problem?

It’s very simple to keep updating your content at least once a while to make it visible again.

So what will you update next time if you have given all information? See you have to understand this technology-based every day there will be changes. After some days you may see a few changes and that you can update.


These things take a lot of technical digital marketing knowledge . The company which has a research team, logical team, content writing team, the marketing team can manage to do perfectly.

Let Us do your content writing so that you can concentrate on your job so contact our team today

Invest your time but find the right team to write content for your company or blog. Business is all about Time and someone has rightly said: “Time Is Money”. Do not waste your Time by learning and doing all work by owning it is like the diversion from your actual goal.

This explanation is purely for website and blog the procedure of content writing of NEWS is different.

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Benak Raaj Shetty

I am Benak Raaj Shetty, I have experience of 5 years in Blogging. Being as blogger field I have always thought this profession as giving our service to mankind. By showing the truth to people around and make them aware of new technology. I have always tried to giving a complete knowledge to our tech knowledge seekers by first learning. Now I am writing blog post in Marquestech Software Solutions on all the technology-related topics.

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