5 Reasons Why a Logo Is Very Important For a Company.

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Today let me give you 5 reasons why a logo is very important for a company, business or for any service provider.

You think a lot to find a catchy name for your company when you find one you decide to register the name. Then find a web designer for website design and development.

They ask you for a logo design for your company, now your minds tell you suddenly “why to invest in logo design”. You then tell website designers you don’t need it now. But being a web design company it will be the responsibility of the company UI Designers to guide you about the logo.

After they recommend you for logo, you ask your brain again and this time it says “let’s get some client then let’s invest on the logo”.

I think if you say yes to your Brain then you lose your business at that second. If you say yes to Web Developer you’re on the race track of business.

now let’s understand the 5 reasons why a logo is very important for a company.

#1. Grabs Your Audience Attention.

Yes, it is a logo which grabs almost 30% of audience attention towards your company.

you may have not understood this concept let me explain you with a small example.

Tell me why children when thought about alphabets shown with physical objects? like A for Apple, B for Ball and so on. Because physical object helps them to frame the idea of alphabets and there builts relation between object and alphabets.

Even in case of digital news, it happens if you think of any news agency automatically there logo comes into your brain.

As we have studied in this way, the same thought process is still present till now in our brain. Any person when hears about a company quickly see’s a logo. Logo then grabs the attention of him and seals audience attention to your product.

#2. Identity and Impression.

Identity: For any company or business, it does not register no or pan no its the Logo which acts as an Identity. Because as you know the computer can store data’s like register no or pan no. But our brain stores images and broadcast the same image when the company name is taken.

Your logo should be a replica of your company idea to serve the entire business process.

Impression: Its always first impression is the best impression. For once an impact is created in audience mind this remains a life long memory for your audience.

Logo of your company creates one such impression. Every time when a person wants to get services which your business is about then his brain recalls your company logo.

#3 Differentiate From Your Competitors.

Logo design of your company speaks many words by just with its colour combination and icons. For example, a restaurant with a green background represents the relaxed, fun and professional. Maybe some time use of greenery by plants and flowers in the restaurant.

This way your logo talks with the audience and this makes your company different from your competitors. If we take a restaurant for example in an area you may find many in just a street. But if you decide to have a logo and promote your logo in your restaurant itself. Then this creates a brand among the competitors in that street.

#4. Builds Trust Among Audience.

As your brand gets a wider audience, there comes a perception that your brand items or trustworthy.

Suppose you are buying a cool drink in a remote area and your brain only searches for top brands like Coco-Coal, Pepsi. Because these drinks give them trust and quality.

So once they get an impression of the brand, the perception of brand value sits in their brain.

#5 Your Audience Expect It.

The logo has become a matter of trust as I said in the last point, so if your audience does not see the logo then they do not trust you.

It has become a matter of expectation from your audience which they look for from your end.

This expectation of them has made them brand-aware too, so it’s always good if you too learn and Get a logo designed.


I hope this blog post (5 reasons why a logo is very important for a company) may help you change your perspective about the logo. If I have to tell in one-sentence then I can tell this “Logo is very important to your company get it done today”.

never miss the opportunity that you get from the start of your company. You never know when your though of Logo Design becomes a brand.

We are the trusted UI Designers in Bangalore contact our team and get a Logo designed today.

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